t's Time To Move To Your New Windsor Home So Let's Pack!

Posted in General Blog | 15/06/2013

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

You have finally sold your Windsor home!  Maybe it only took a few days, or several months, but regardless, you home is sold and it’s time to move!  For many, this is actually the most stressful part of relocating.  Personally, you may feel drained by the entire selling process, from preparing your home to sell to having strangers walk through your home to the final negotiation phase.  No doubt about it, you probably want and need a break.

But now is the time where you need to be organized so your moving experience can be as stress free as possible.  It’s not easy, nor particularly fun to gather your life’s belongings and pack them into dozens of boxes, but let us give you some tips on how to simplify the process.

1.  Keep a notebook handy:

I tell my clients to write everything down.  So much information will be forthcoming, that it’s almost impossible to remember everything, but believe us, you will be grateful that you did.  One good idea:  Once a box is packed, put a number on it, then mark it in your notebook. And make sure that you are specific.  For example, if you want to unpack your coffee maker right away, then write that in your notebook and not under “kitchen equipment.”  So Box 1 may look like this:

  1. Coffee maker
  2. Toaster
  3. Mixing bowls
  4. Large serving utensils

Highlight items that you know you may want to use right away.

2.  Don’t skimp on supplies:

When in doubt, buy extra.  That is my motto when buying moving supplies such as boxes, tape, markers, bubble wrap, etc.  Have you ever wrapped a gift and realized you are out of tape?  You don’t want to be caught in the middle of packing and realize that you are out any supplies.  What you don’t use, you can always return if necessary.

3.  Colour coordinate every room:

This is one of the best tips we have uncovered.  Select a colour for each room, like blue for the master bedroom and green for the kitchen.  Stick coloured stickers on the relevant box next to the number of the box (see #1) and you will be pleasantly surprised how much easier this will be on moving day.  When boxes are removed from the truck, all you have to do is glance at the sticker to determine where the box needs to go.  And if you have smaller children, this can be their job of putting the stickers on the box.

4.  Keep all items close together:

One thing that tends to frustrate new homeowners when unpacking is that the can’t locate an item that belongs with another.  For example, if you have unpacked a lamp, but can’t find the shade or the light bulb, that can be a problem.  So keep all items together, including small items that can be stored in a Ziplock bag and taped to the larger item.  Another great idea that needs to be shared:  When packing, you may come across parts, cables or anything else that you are not sure if you will need later or not.  Mark a box as “parts” and put anything in there that you may want to find later.

5.  Don’t forget to use luggage!

One of the most forgotten yet entirely useful ways to pack your clothing is your luggage!  And keep one piece for every member of the family for items and clothes they will want for that first night away, particularly if you are staying in a hotel.

6.  Cleaning supplies:

images-2One never knows for sure the condition of a home when they unlock the doors for the first time.  Chances are, it will be clean, but chances are also good that you will want to tidy it up a bit.  So keep all cleaning supplies in one box so you have immediate access in case you want to dust off a lamp or wipe down a countertop.

7.  Keep important papers close:

Finally, make sure that you keep all important papers, such as passports, birth certificates, medical information, prescriptions, etc., close to you.  Don’t leave this valuable information with the mover.  Many people suggest using an accordion style folder for these type of documents.  That way your papers can be filed appropriately and you can retrieve immediately if needed.

Again, moving doesn’t have to be stressful, but it often is.  When it is handled with a bit of thought and organization, you may be pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t the ordeal you thought it might be.  And keep in mind, when it’s time to move, you know that you will soon be in your new house and a new life will begin!


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