July Gardening Checklist For Your Windsor Property

Posted in Selling Blog | 01/07/2012

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

With your Windsor property on the market and summer soon reaching its halfway point, this is the month where your garden should be taking off.  This not only makes a huge impact on prospective buyers, but it also serves as a reminder that a garden needs to be properly maintained for the best curb appeal.

Here is a checklist on what to do this month and remember, water, water, water!

1.  Deadhead all spent blooms.  Buyers like to see a garden that is well tended to, as they will then assume that the inside of your Windsor property is equally well cared for.  By deadheading, you will be encouraging new growth as well.

2. Remove all dead or dying plants.  Replace with robust annual or perennial plants.

3.  Fertilize if necessary.  No doubt your plants will benefit from a good healthy dose of fertilizer if needed.  Roses particularly need some care if they are lacking in nutrients.

4.  Give extra care to your lawn this month.  With the hotter days now here, water early in the morning so it won’t evaporate before the lawn gets a good drink.  Experts recommend that you water deeply and less often. Check your sprinklers to make sure you are not giving your sidewalk a good watering.  That’s a big waste of money!

5.  Continue the battle of the weeds:  By all means, make sure that you keep on top of the weeds.  Nothing brings out a big disappointed sigh from a buyer than seeing landscaping in disarray.  Also, it’s a good idea to thin plants that may be growing too big for the borders and creates an unkempt look.

6.  Get rid of pests: Finally, if June is on the chiller side, make sure you check to see if any damage has been done by these annoying creatures.  Get rid of slugs that love to eat your plants. Watch for aphids on your roses and other plants.  Also, be sure and check for root rot, which is a danger with our wet seasons.

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