Keep Your Emotions Away When Buying Windsor Properties

Posted in Buyer Blog | 20/06/2012

Windsor Properties

Windsor Properties

As buyers we all know that when looking at Windsor properties, our emotions can often get in the way.  Buying real estate is emotional.  We see a home, fall in love with it and imagine ourselves living there.  Every person that has bought a home, real estate agents include, understand the ties buyers can instantly feel for a home to call our own.  After all, if we didn’t love it, why would we buy it?

But it’s also important to keep our emotions at bay when making such a huge financial decision.  Being practical and level headed is necessary to ensure that you are getting the most out of your money.  So what are the common emotional mistakes a buyer can make when selecting Windsor properties?

1.  Making An Offer On The First Home:  If a buyer falls in love with the first home they visit and want to make an offer immediately, this is a recipe for buyer’s remorse.  While we often talk about not wasting time looking at too many homes, it’s also not a good idea to ignore other homes on the market and go with the first house you see.  Many real estate agents have a rule to look at least at five Windsor properties before making a bid.  Once buyers see what else is out there, they can compare and make an educated offer on a home.

2.  Looking For The Perfect Deal:  Having said the above, there are also buyers who take their time because they feel a better home is right around the corner at a much better price.  True, homes may drop in price, but there is no guarantee what can happen tomorrow.  If you find a home that you love and it is within your price range, you may want to consider making an offer and not waiting to see what might come up in the future.  There is an excellent chance that the longer you wait, the homes you once considered will be gone.

3.  Overpaying For Your Home:  If a buyer finds a home they just have to have, they will often bid a price much higher than the home is worth.  Not only can this cause a problem if an appraiser values the home for less, but it can create a financial hardship for the buyer, which will soon outweigh the joys of the home.  Follow this advice:  When viewing Windsor properties, listen to your real estate agent on successfully negotiating a good price.  Let the experience of the agent take over and leave your emotions at the front door.


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