Keep Your Windsor Property For Sale Cool This Summer!

Posted in General Blog | 24/06/2013

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

If you are selling your Windsor property in the hot summer days ahead, it is important to keep your home cool and comfortable for potential buyers. Keep in mind that buyers often look at several homes throughout the day.  With warmer temperatures, getting in and out of cars and often patience dwindling by the end of the day, buyers welcome walking into a house that is refreshing.  This is one good way to make your home stand out from others during these summer months.  As a real estate professional, I’m not sure why sellers often scrimp on their air conditioning when showing their homes.  If anything, it perks buyers up which is what you want as a seller!

My advice when selling homes this summer:

1.  Keep air conditioning running throughout the day!  You never know when you are going to get a phone call that a buyer wants to see your house.  So make sure your air temperature is set at a reasonable and cool setting.  Keep blinds and curtains closed to keep the extra heat out.  Just before a showing, you can open them up to show a bright and airy house.

2.  Have you been in a car for long hours getting in and out?  Of course you have! When buyers walk into your home, provide a gracious welcome.  Have fresh summer flowers scattered throughout and maybe a pitcher of cold lemonade available.  Even bottled water in a nicely decorated bowl filled with ice is a very nice touch.  I have even seen plates of cookies or granola bars offered as well.  While these are not necessary, it does give buyers some much-needed energy after a long day.  And the best result of all?  Your house will be well-remembered.

3.  Hot days mean wilted landscaping so it’s important to keep your yard looking fresh.  With the heat, it’s often difficult to keep plants looking healthy so if you have dead or dying flowers, by all means replace them.  Also during the summer, you may need to mow your grass twice a week as opposed to once to keep it looking nice and well cared for.  And remember the trick for watering your yard is to water deep, not often.  Landscape professionals say that water should ideally reach 8 to 10 inches down in high heat.  One way to check to see if you are watering properly is to stick a screwdriver into the soil.  If you have trouble or you meet resistance, then you have not watered enough.

Also, make sure weeds are pulled regularly.  It seems during the summer months you can weed thoroughly one day, then find the next day even more have popped up.  While it can be tiring to always make sure your yard is in good condition, it is imperative that curb appeal be maintained when selling your home.  If a buyer doesn’t like what they see on the outside, they may very well drive away and not even bother going inside.

images-8Finally, don’t forget your backyard.  Make sure your patio furniture is cleaned, deck is power washed, BBQ scrubbed and cleaned and all traces of yard toys and pet clues are removed prior to a showing.  If you have a swimming pool, make sure it looks clean and refreshing so the buyers are tempted to jump in.  Many buyers never consider a pool when they are starting their home search, so when looking at homes on hot days and seeing how inviting a pool can be, I have seen buyers change their minds right there and decide a pool might just be what they want after all.  And if you have any outdoor fountains, turn them on! Not only does it look terrific, but the sound of water is calming. Again, keep this area looking good and give your buyers something to think about.  Outdoor entertainment areas are hugely popular with buyers, so you want your property to always be ready, especially for those last-minute showings.

5.  One cleaning project this is a must during the summer is clean and sparkly windows.  Winter and spring can create dirty and streaky windows that really leave a bad impression on buyers.  So either have them professionally treated or look online for some window cleaning solutions that work well.  I have found that many of the homemade treatments with materials you probably already have work far better than those you buy at the store.

It’s important to step into the buyers shoes when they are busy looking at properties.  If you know the temperatures will be hot and humid, then make sure they are treated like any other guests you would invite to your home.

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