Keeping A Positive Attitude When Selling Your Windsor Hou

Posted in General Blog | 28/05/2013

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

When your Windsor house goes on the market, there is an excellent chance you are full of optimism.  You have done all of the necessary repairs, you have repainted and updated and the home has never been cleaner.  The house is priced right and you are certain, that a buyer will walk through the door the first week and immediately make an offer.  And of course, this would be wonderful!  And yes, it absolutely happens!  But for those whose homes have been on the market for a few weeks, sellers find that their spirits head downhill.  Either the showings slow down, or lots of people are touring the home, but no offers.  You can’t help but ask yourself, “What’s wrong with my house?  Why isn’t anyone making me an offer?”

First, I tell clients to take a deep breath.  There are usually bumps a long the road when selling a home.  And often sellers can’t understand why a person doesn’t love their home as much as they do.

1.  Ask your real estate agent for average DOM:

Before you get too concerned, talk with your real estate agent what the average days on market is for your particular home price and neighbourhood.  For many homes that are priced high, it can be 90 days or longer.  For lower priced homes, it can be less.

2.  Ignore the media:

Listen, the media plays a large role when discussing the economy.  It’s lots of gloom and doom, however, homes are selling.  It’s not IF your home will sell, it’s WHEN it will sell.  Lots of people have negative things to say, but it’s not necessary to pay attention to every detail.  Be informed of what is happening of course, but don’t let the news drag you down.

3.  Pay attention to feedback:

What are buyers saying about your home once they have toured it?  Are you getting lots of good feedback?  Then great!  If it is constantly negative, like the house was too cluttered, or the bathrooms needed updating, then it may be time to take some action by having your property staged and doing some painting or improvements that you can afford.  But keep  in mind that buyers often select other properties that you can’t control: like more bedrooms, or bigger yards.

4.  This is a great time to sell a house!

With low prices and lower inventory, it’s a good time to sell a house. While it’s not perfect in the real estate industry, there are buyers out there ready to make a purchase.  And don’t panic if you don’t sell this summer.  Serious buyers look for homes 12 months out of the year.

5.  Be proactive:

imagesHopefully, you hired a real estate agent that is promoting your house like crazy.  If not, or, you are not satisfied, then don’t wait for buyers to come to you!  Create a heavy online presence by making up your own website (easy to do), advertising your home on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  And don’t forget to constantly spread the word through your community by creating flyers, brochures.  Ask your neighbours to help and spread the word as well as friends and family members.  One client mentioned to her hairdresser that she was selling her home and next thing you know, she passed it along to another customer who was looking for a home in the same neighbourhood.  An appointment was made, and the house sold.  So you never know.  Promote! Promote! Promote!

6.  Don’t make it hard to show your home:

Reconsider putting restrictions when showing your home.  Don’t require 24 hour notice and make sure you use a lockbox.  If your home is not easy to show, it gains a reputation and agents are reluctant to show a home to their clients that isn’t easy.  Often, we have clients for only a few hours at a time.  Some clients travel to view homes so their time is extremely limited.  Keep this in mind if you currently have these requirements.

7.  Trust your agent:

If you hired a professional, full-time agent that is well recommended by others, then trust that you are in good hands.  Always feel free to have any questions or concerns, but remember, don’t let the pressure overwhelm you.

8.  Enjoy the experience:

Okay, this might be difficult to understand, but I have found that many sellers like the fact that their home is in good condition, clean and repairs have been completed.  Many sellers establish a daily routine so that their home is ready to show at any given time.  And also, remember you are selling your home to create a new chapter in your life. Know that you will soon be there!

Overall, I ask sellers to understand that there is no science to determine when a home will sell.  But they do need to be patient until that right buyer makes an offer.  Make every effort to take care of yourself and family during this unpredictable time and while it can be stressful, do your best to stay positive by getting plenty of sleep, exercising and eating well.


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