Landscaping Improves Your Windsor Property Home Value

Posted in General Blog | 21/06/2012

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

Does landscaping increase the value of your Windsor Property?  In one word, YES! Recent studies have shown that property values increase up to 13 percent and beyond with a good, quality design.  In fact, a professionally landscaped lawn ranks as one of the top home improvements and can reap over 100 percent of costs spent.

What are some of the top landscaping improvements a homeowner can make?  What is it that buyers want?

1.  Patios/Decks:  You are extending the living space of your home by adding a patio or deck.  This can increase the amount of enjoyment you receive out of your home during the summer months and buyers take note of this.  There are so many different varieties in creating an outdoor space and it depends on your budget.  Whether you entertain frequently, or enjoy sitting outside and reading a book, everyone enjoys being outside during our short, summer season.

2.  Plantings:  When plants are properly selected for your Windsor property and placed in the correct location, with added color for all four seasons, you are making a huge impact.  Don’t forget to consider outdoor lighting, which can add an excellent atmosphere to your yard and neighborhood.  Landscaping in the front yard is very good for curb appeal which creates a very good first impression for home buyers, but buyers will appreciate also backyard landscaping that is designed for privacy and enjoyment.

3.  Extra Features:  These include fire pits, arches, water features, gazebos and outdoor kitchens.  While these are not necessary, for many buyers, these are plusses.

4.  Fencing/Walls:  This adds not only security to your Windsor property, but also adds privacy.

Investing in any landscaping project rarely is a bad idea.  The most important reason to undertake any project is that you enjoy the benefits.





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