Last, Quick Cleaning Tips For Windsor Houses

Posted in General Blog | 24/06/2012

Windsor Houses

Windsor Houses

Your real estate agent calls you and says your home is on a short list of Windsor houses a client wants to see.  The problem?  They will be there in one hour.  Unfortunately, your house is in no condition for a showing, yet you can’t turn it down.  Who ever turns down a showing?

Here is a checklist for cleaning your home in less than 20 minutes when time is of the essence.  There will always be that last minute showing, as it happens with all Windsor houses.  While not convenient, it can’t be something to pass up.  You just never know when that interested buyer will show up.  So here is a quick checklist you can print out and keep nearby for those last minute showings:

1.  Wipe down the sink and clear:  Never have piles of dirty dishes!  Put in dishwasher and wipe sink with wet cloth.  Three minutes tops!

2.  Wipe countertops and stove:  Hopefully, you have already cleared any excess appliances and knickknacks off the countertops, so this should take no more that one minute.

3.  Spots on floors:  No need to do a big mop job.  Just use the same cloth and wipe any noticeable spots.  Two minutes.

4.  Wipe down bathroom sinks: Take a wet cloth, wipe down sink and counters.  Use a spray like Fabreeze to leave a pleasing, fresh smell.  Wipe down mirror with a Windex type cleaner. Wipe down toilet seat. Three minutes.

5.  Make bed.  Even if you need to pull your comforter up over messy sheets, make sure your bed has a polished look. Too many Windsor houses ignore this simple job. Two minutes

6.  Fold and put away all clothes: Don’t leave anything on the floors and clear off nightstands.  Two minutes

7.  Tidy living room:  Make sure sofa is cleared, fluff pillows.  Use a handheld vacuum to clean off any crumbs or areas that need a quick cleanup. Wipe down tables cabinets if fingerprints.  Toss all newspapers and put remote away.  Don’t forget to stash video games and toys.  Five minutes.

In less than 20 minutes you can have a home that is ready for showing.  By keeping up on housecleaning jobs, your home will stand out from other Windsor houses for those last minute showings.

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