Looking At New Homes In Windsor Ontario? Why Smaller Is Selling

Posted in Buyer Blog | 12/11/2013

New Homes In Windsor Ontario

New Homes In Windsor Ontario

If you are considering new homes in Windsor Ontario for 2014, more and more buyers are looking at smaller homes as opposed to the mini Mcmansions that were so popular several years ago.  Larger homes, while still attractive to some, started losing their overall appeal during the housing crisis and today, buyers are much more cautious about overspending and overbuilding.

Another reason buyers are looking at smaller newer homes?  No longer are there quick profits to be made as the economy is shaping today’s new construction.  Buyers are planning to live in their homes longer so they are searching for a house that will not only fit their needs today, but into the future as well.

But what is important to buyers buying new construction?  While they are not looking for all the bells and whistles, there are a few factors they won’t compromise on:

1.  Affordable:

First and foremost, home builders understand they need to make their new homes affordable and practical.  Most buyers are not interested in media rooms or over the top laundry areas.  Large, unused spaces are gone, narrower hallways and less square feet in master bathrooms are also missing as well in many properties.  And guess what?  Buyers don’t miss it.

2.  Energy:

Home builders also know that in order to make their properties appealing, not only must they be priced right, but energy-efficient.  With rising fuel costs, buyers want lower heating and utility costs so while high ceilings are popular, many home buyers look wonder how much it will cost to heat the room.  In fact, homes that include such features as compact fluorescent bulbs, energy-saving appliances and homes that are securely built, meaning tight walls and windows, are huge selling points.

3.  Storage:

Buyers want storage and home builders know this.  For some buyers, storage can cinch a deal.  Not too long ago, one client wanted an older property but, like most homes built 25 years ago or longer, storage was little.  After looking at new construction that had many wonderful features, like crown molding and hard wood floors, not to mention ample with the storage space.  Needless to say, she changed her mind.  Storage is critical, especially for those buyers with families.

4.  Open floor plans:

images-8Homes that have a traditional floor plan, such as a separate living room and dining room are not as popular as those new homes that contain more open living spaces.  Great rooms that are combined with the kitchen and located in the center of a home are the most mentioned features a buyer requests.  Kitchens are hugely popular and this is always the room where buyers say they will spend the most time, so kitchens that have larger islands, ideal lighting, great cabinets and plenty of countertop space are great selling points.  Home builders know and understand this.  A home may be small, but a kitchen is where builders are spending their budget dollars.  Also critical with smaller homes?  A home that flows.  There may be fewer rooms, but an open, flowing floor plan can make a home seem larger.

5.  Easy Access:

Because home buyers today are buying for the long-term, they are looking at properties that will age with them.  Single story, fewer stairs, and overall easy access to local shopping, entertainment, schools and work are very popular.

Buyers who are considering new homes in Windsor Ontario should also know that with some neighbourhoods, they are still in the driver’s seat when it comes to making an offer on a home they desire.  In some areas, prices are low and appealing, and builders are eager to negotiate.  While newer homes can be more expensive than a pre-owned home, the home owner will likely be saving on repairs and upkeep while allowing a fresh start. It’s an opportunity to personalize a space while enjoying the latest home features and energy-saving costs.  In other words,  you won’t need to redecorate or “undo” what a previous owner did.  New construction can be a win-win for those home buyers who are looking for a property they can grow old with.

So if you are thinking of buying a new home in the Windsor area, now is a very good time to see what is available in your price range.  Talk to a local real estate agent to see what’s new or coming up in the near future.



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