Looking At Windsor Properties In A New Town

Posted in Buyer Blog | 10/06/2012

Windsor Properties

Windsor Properties

If you are considering Windsor properties in a new, unfamiliar community, there are some steps you can take to familiarize yourself and your family so you can feel at home as quickly as possible.

Go Online:

Newspapers: It is amazing what you can find on the internet when you are seeking information about a neighborhood.  You can read most newspapers from your computer these days, so take advantage of this instant access and see what is happening in your new community.  You will see if there are any school issues, crime concerns and even what the daily weather is like.

Chamber of Commerce:  Again, most chambers are also online.  See what materials they have available and see if they have a newcomer’s package.  Check to see what local businesses are in town.  Maybe you want to find a house painter or a furniture store for your Windsor properties.  Most likely, they will have this information.

Schools:  All schools these days have a website.  Check out and see the classrooms, teachers, school activities and how active the parent/teacher association is.  Find out when schools starts, ends, holidays and information from the principal.  Again, it’s readily available.

City Website:  Here is information you need regarding your Windsor properties, such as information on utilities, local taxes and the government structure.  Also, does your town have a community pool?  Ice skating rink?  Sporting events?

Real estate agents are a wealth of information when moving into a new, location.  If they have children, ask them what kid organizations are popular to join.  If you are moving in the summer, ask if they know of any good places that have swimming lessons, or where the best ice cream stand is located.  The goal is to make your family feel as comfortable as possible as quickly as possible.


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