Looking For Apartments for Rent In Windsor Ontario?

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Apartments For Rent Windsor Ontario

Apartments For Rent Windsor Ontario

Are you looking for apartments to rent in Windsor Ontario?  You will want to make sure that you do a careful inspection before you sign that lease.  Of course, there are laws and regulations that apartments must strictly follow, but it’s important that a renter makes sure that the following items are in good working order and condition:

1.  Smoke alarms:

You will want to make sure that all smoke alarms are in good working order.  When were the batteries last changed?  (When in doubt, change them the minute you move in). Are the required amount of alarms present in the apartment? There should be one in every bedroom or at least in the hallway close to the bedrooms.

2.  Flooring:

Carefully look over the flooring with apartments for rent in Windsor Ontario.  This means that there are no stains, rips or tears in the carpeting.  In the bathrooms, kitchens or other rooms that do not have carpeting, make sure the floors have been cleaned and in excellent condition.  If there happens to be broken tile or damaged hardwood, bring it to the attention of your landlord.

3.  Walls:

Check over every wall in your apartment to ensure that there is no damage such as holes, stains or chipped painting.

4.  Windows:

Do the windows properly open and close?  Do you see any evidence of leaks, missing panes or broken glass?  This is also a good time to check the blinds to see if they operate correctly and not dirty or stained.

5.  Lights:

Make sure you check all of the lights to see if they are in good working order.  When you move in, lightbulbs should all be working, but when they go out, you will need to replace as that is the tenants responsibility. If the lights flicker or go off and on, then this needs to be reported as there could be some sort of electric issue.

6.  Heating and air conditioning:

No doubt about it.  When you are looking for apartments to rent in Windsor Ontario, you will need a properly working heating unit during our cold winters.  Take a few moments and make sure both systems blow out both cold and warm air.  Check for any loose wires or any water leaking from the unit. You will also want to know if filters have been replaced recently as this can put a drain on your utility bill.

7.  Bathrooms:

Windsor  Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

When inspecting the bathrooms, you want to make sure there is good water pressure in the showers and tubs.  Determine also if both cold and hot water are working and that the water is clear.  With toilets, you will want to make sure they are clean and flush properly. Finally, check to see if the sink water also has good pressure and that both hot and cold water work efficiently.  Does there appear to be any dripping faucets?  Check under the sink for water leaks, mold or any musty smells.

8.  Bedrooms:

Once again, walk around and make sure all doors close properly.  Check out the closets to determine that all shelving is present and not loose (you would be surprised what often is missing in a closet).

9.  Kitchen:

Make sure the stoves and ovens are in good working order by turning them on.  Do the burners heat up quickly?  Do all of the switches work properly?  If it’s a gas stove, does it ignite correctly?  Check out the refrigerator.  Does it seem cold?  Is it clean and any evidence of mold?  Look inside cabinets to see if mildew is a problem or if there are pest droppings.

10.  Speaking of pests….

The last thing a tenent wants to find when looking for apartments at apartments for rent in Windsor Ontario is any evidence of roaches, mice or any other critter.  Ask your landlord if there is a pest control service that keeps regular maintenance for the apartment building.  While you may keep a spotless home, you can never be too sure about your neighbours.  If you suspect any pest is making a home in your apartment, then you want to get this controlled before you move in.

The goal of course, is to move into an apartment after repairs have been made.  If they have not been, then it is important you write a list of all repairs needed along with a photo and present to your landlord.  If this isn’t done, then they may assume that you caused the problem and will ask you to repair it when you move out.

By taking the time to do your own inspection when moving into apartments for rent in Windsor Ontario, you can ensure that you are starting off this living experience on the right foot.

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