Make Quick and Easy Updates When Selling Your Windsor Home

Posted in General Blog | 03/04/2013

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

The majority of buyers looking at Windsor homes today want a property that is move in ready.  The more projects or repairs they see, the more “cha-ching” they here.  And certainly, after the past several and dismal years in the real estate market, buyers still want a good deal.  Fortunately, updating your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  Yes, you may have an 80’s kitchen, but there are some easy improvements you can make. While we have discussed this subject many, many times on this website, we have uncovered more suggestions that are original, and best of all, quick and inexpensive.

1.  Liven up your furniture with seasonal accent pillows.  Even if a piece of furniture looks a bit old, it doesn’t mean it still doesn’t have life left.  You can dress it up with great spring pillows as long as all the colours of the room all come together.

2.  One thing professional home stagers do so well is take pieces of furniture or art from other rooms, and use it in another for a fresh and clean look.  For example, one client had a terrific loveseat in an over sized hallway that made a great seating area.  However, we wanted to show that space as large, so that particular piece of furniture was moved into a sitting area in the client’s master bedroom, where there had been nothing before.  Not only did the hallway seem much bigger and open, but the bedroom now had an area that buyers could immediately identify as a place to sit and relax after a long day.

3.  Buyers either love or hate window treatments.  You just never know, so I always suggest that simple curtains be used and changed seasonally.  For example, now is the time to get rid of heavy, dark fabrics and replace with brighter and lighter curtains.  Use full height draperies to treat a small window, as they will make the window look larger.

4.  If you have an all white kitchen or one that is very neutral, add a splash of red as an accent colour as it’s been said red stimulates appetites.

5.  In bathrooms, limit the colours of towels to just one colour.  Regrout tile work to update and freshen the appearance.

6.  Get rid of half-dead plants, especially those that are vine like and usually placed on top of kitchen cabinets or furniture.  This is very 1970’s.  Instead, what makes a home look welcoming and cheery are seasonal flowers placed sporadically around the house.

7.  Rearrange your furniture to create a more spacious room.  I have often seen where homeowners fill a room to the brim with oversized furniture.  Not only does it create an image of a smaller room, but it’s not comfortable as there is just too much stuff!  Use different combinations and move around to create a more livable and welcoming environment.

8.  Changing a light fixture can immediately update and improve a room.  If possible, remove the old brass chandeliers or heavy light fixtures, and replace with something more current.  By all means, these fixtures do not have to be expensive.  Most home improvement stores or discount chains offer a great selection for reasonable prices.  If you have never installed light fixtures before, you should contact a professional.  It’s well worth the cost. Adding accent lighting as well, instead of two ordinary lamps, makes a great visual.

9. Look at Pinterest.  This is a great way to get some ideas on how to update your home for less.  There are excellent suggestions on way to reuse furniture, creative storage, and frugal ways to update your property.  It’s a great resource and growing more and more popular by the day.

10.  Get cheap artwork by shopping at local discount stores.  When putting your house on the market, it’s very important to remove most personal items as you want the buyer to imagine living in your home.  Framed photos of your family, trophies or hunted animals on the wall, need to be removed.  Replace with art work, maybe in groups of three if it works.



11.  If your faucets in your kitchen or bathroom are over ten years old, then it’s a good idea to update and replace.  The good news?  It doesn’t need to be expensive.  In fact, most sink fixtures can be replaced for under $100.  This could really make a good impression on buyers and it will spice up a room.

12.  Wash the windows!  A house that is dated, but may be situated in a great neighbourhood surrounded by great views, means that an agent will really emphasize the great location.  By simply washing the windows to enhance the views takes a buyer’s attention away from a home that is in need of some work.

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