Make Selling Your Windsor Home in 2013 Stress Free!

Posted in General Blog | 30/12/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

If you have waited until the New Year to put your Windsor home on the market, then we know your goal should be to sell your home quickly, for top dollar and as drama free as you can.

Fortunately, the real estate market is picking up and we believe the worst is behind us.  With low-interest rates and an improving economy, we are anticipating a better year ahead than we have seen in a while.  Therefore, before you put the sign up in your yard, take into consideration a few tips that we believe can make a huge difference when selling your property.

1.  Stay focused on why you are selling:

If you need to sell because it’s time to downsize, or if you are facing financial difficulties, or maybe it’s time to move into a larger home, whatever your reasons, don’t lose sight of why you want to sell.  Everyone has a different reason and it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but you and your family.

Many sellers find that it is helpful to write down the reasons they are moving followed by a list of why this is a positive time.  For example:

We are moving because we want to downsize:  This will allow:

  • More time to travel and hobbies.
  • Less monthly expenses, including mortgage, utilities, insurance etc.
  • Less landscaping.
  • Less upkeep, cleaning and repairs.

Once this is written on paper, sellers will often revisit this page when they decide to accept a counter offer or take a price reduction.  Regardless, stay focused on your reasons on why this is a good time in your life to sell.

2.  Price it correctly:

Quite simply, don’t price your home too high or you will sit and wonder where the buyers are.  And if that is not stressful for someone trying to sell his or her property, then we are not sure what is.  So how do you do this?  It’s all about comparables or comps.  Find homes similar to yours and make adjustments for differences in size and upgrades.  But this is not a task for those that have little real estate experience.  This is one of the most important advantages of having a real estate agent.  Listen to the advice your agent has for you when pricing your home.  Don’t be tempted to over price your home as this will turn off buyers.  They won’t waste their time and will make appointments to visit those homes that are your competition.

Price it right, and buyers will come.

3.  Promote, Promote, Promote!

To get buyers to see your property, you must have a strong online presence.  Over 90 percent of buyers check out homes on the Internet.  With dozens of real estate sites available, it is imperative that you get on the grand daddy of all:  the MLS.  Once your home is listed here, it then feeds into other highly popular sites, like Yahoo, MSN, and a host of others.  And don’t shoot yourself in the foot and not provide good, clear, accurate and numerous photos of your home.

Go a step further and create a Facebook page, Twitter account and online video to show your home.  Update it frequently and make sure you share with friends and family who will pass it around to anyone they know looking for a home in your neighbourhood.

Of course, this brings us to another important factor in drama free selling….

4.  Hiring a professional real estate agent:

To list your home at the best price as well as handling marketing and a host of other responsibilities, it is necessary to hire a well-respected, top real estate agent who will also negotiate and represent your best interests when an offer has been made.

2013 promises to see an increase in paperwork, new regulations and a host of other hoops to jump through when selling homes.  To honestly have a drama free selling experience, you need a specialist who will take over the stress for you.  One small mistake can cost you thousands of dollars if not more.  Is it worth it?

Finally, take a few minutes and consider the following when selling your home for as little issues and problems as possible:

  • Prepare your house:  create curb appeal, make sure it’s spic and span clean and declutter!
  • Make sure your buyer can close the deal:  tell your real estate agent that you don’t want anyone making an offer on your home unless they are pre-qualified.  Why go through the negotiation process if your buyer isn’t sure they can secure the deal?
  • As a seller, you have lots of control over the power of your sale.  Staying organized and well informed will have you closing on your home in no time and with a lot less stress than those who aren’t prepared.






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