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Posted in Buyer Blog | 24/11/2012

Windsor Real Estate Agent

Windsor Real Estate Agent

The goal for any real estate agent is to make the home buying experience as stress free as possible.  The agent and buyer relationship requires cooperation from both sides so the real estate transaction can close faster with fewer problems along the way.

1.  Get pre-approved

Here, an agent knows exactly how much you can afford and won’t waste your time showing properties out of your price range.  If you find a house you like, then you and the agent can feel comfortable in making an offer.  Not only that, a pre-approval letter will be presented with your offer, which makes a powerful statement and tells the owner that you can buy their home. This piece of paper is often the difference should the seller be entertaining several bids at once.  It’s a great negotiating tool that will serve you well and maybe even save you some money.  Not only that, having a pre-approval letter can give you a better idea on how much to anticipate with closing costs.

2.  Needs and wants

Have a list prepared of what your needs and wants are in the home you are looking for.  If you need a 3-bedroom house but want a formal dining room, let your agent know.  A good agent will evaluate your needs and can discuss what type of homes are available and present some other options if necessary.

3.  Be honest

If you are buying a home and using different agents or not being truthful about information that can prevent you from buying a home, then let the agent know.  It’s always best not to have any surprises if they can be avoided.  Being upfront in the beginning gets the home buying search off to the best possible start.

4.  Cooperate

If you trust your agent, then be confident in the housing choices they select for you.  Of course, let them know if you want to see any particular houses, but take their word for it if they tell you that a home is overpriced, in a bad neighbourhood or school district or anything else that could cause a problem.  Also, don’t ignore a home if you don’t like the outside.  You never know what is inside, and chances are, it may have some great features that your agent knows you will like.

One problem that can seriously delay a home sale is the lack of preparation.  So make sure that contracts are signed in a timely manner.  If you take your time, or can’t provide the proper information, you can lose your home.  Most real estate agents have the paper work done to a science, so do your part so your home doesn’t go to someone else.

Attend the home inspection whenever possible.  This is where a buyer gets valuable information on what needs to be done and a ballpark figure on what the repair costs will be.

Get funds in order

Have your down payment, closing costs, insurance and other funds readily available.  Also, it’s a great idea to have extra money left over for repairs and emergency fund and for those appliances or other items you may need.

Preventing money surprises at escrow is a must for stress free buying.  Nothing is worse than getting the grand total and find off that you owe several more thousand dollars that you thought.  Get an estimate, and then plan on more.  Remember, an estimate is just an estimate.  Get everything in writing and go over the figures carefully.  If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask!

Don’t buy a lemon

If you fall in love with a house and discover that it needs many costly repairs that the seller won’t fix, or is not in the best area, take a deep breath and reconsider.  The last thing you want to buy is a money pit.  While it may not seem like a stressful situation when buying, it will certainly be one when you realize that the repairs are too expensive or that you live in a high crime area.  Of course, many buyers are fearful of buying a home in case it falls apart.  To avoid this, go over the disclosures, get a home inspection and have contingencies in place when making your offer and consider a home warranty if necessary.

Hire A Good Agent

Hiring a professional real estate agent with an excellent reputation is the best way to ensure you have a stress free experience in buying your home.  Why?

  • Education and experience
  • Neighbourhood knowledge
  • Agents act as buffers
  • Price guidance
  • Market condition information
  • Professional networking
  • Negotiation skills and confidentiality
  • Handling large amounts of paperwork

So many people wonder why they should hire an Windsor real estate agent, especially with so much information available on the Internet.  When making what could be the largest financial purchase of your life, don’t you want a professional and experienced agent with you every step of the way?



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