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Posted in Selling Blog | 22/07/2012

Windsor Property

It’s summer time and you are in the process of selling your Windsor property.  Everything looks great inside of your house, however, the backyard has seen better days. Why?  Lots of pests!  From deer, rabbits, and mosquitoes your garden is being destroyed and buyers can’t walk outside without pesky bugs attacking them.  So how do you keep nature at bay while trying to present your yard in the best possible light?

Let’s look at the deer first.  While cute in movies, deer can carry diseases such as Lyme disease being the most common.  Not only that, they can damage your Windsor property landscaping.  Sellers often use deer repellents with bad smells successfully even though they need to be reapplied, especially after a rainy day.  Check with your home improvement store for other options if you prefer something more organic.

You have several options with rabbits.  They love eating plants, the barks of trees (during the winter most likely) and can nibble shrubbery to the ground.  There are several sprays and repellents available, or you can add fencing to protect plants and around vegetable gardens.  Because rabbits like to live in areas that provide cover from predators, they will live in low-growing shrubs.  Make sure all grasses are mowed and plants well trimmed.

With flying pests, such as mosquitoes, these are nuisances that can take the fun out of an outdoor event.  But it’s never fun when a buyer is walking around outside and is bitten.  Do the following now that your Windsor property is on the market:

1.  Get rid of standing water.  That birdbath which is so cute in your yard?  Make sure it’s empty.

2.  Check all screens for any tears or holes to make sure bugs are not coming in your home.  Repair and replace if necessary.

3.  Use repellents such as DEET, which seems to be the leader in repellents and described as the most useful.

What doesn’t work with mosquitoes?  Bug zappers (and they look ugly and advertise that you have a pest issue) and citronella candles.


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