Making Updates on Windsor Property For $1000 or less

Posted in General Blog | 27/03/2013

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

You have decided to sell your Windsor property and need to do it quickly.  However, there is no question that your home needs some updating.  The problem?  You have limited funds to do much.  Don’t despair.  I can guarantee you that you are not the only seller who is trying to sell a property on a budget.

The good news?  You can make very good updates for your home on a small budget.  These are improvements that buyers will notice and take note.  Let me share with you a few of my favorite repairs or remodeling that are $1000 or less.

1.  Update your bathroom:

Are your bathrooms dated?  Let me tell you that bathrooms and kitchens are the two rooms that gain the most in recouping costs when updating.  For less than $750 you can make noticeable changes.  Replace the outdated vanity, update lighting fixtures, add a new floor, add some nice towels and bathroom rug and add a coat of paint if needed.  The difference can be remarkable.  One recent client recently painted her small dark bathroom a neutral colour, added fluffy white towels and a brand new light fixture all for under $150.  Not only did the bathroom look much larger, it didn’t even look like the same bathroom.

2.  Replace carpeting:

Has your carpet seen better days?  The last thing a buyer wants to see is  dirty, worn carpeting.  They will know it’s an immediate fix.  If you can’t afford to replace the entire carpet, then concentrate on rooms that need it the most.  The rest of the house, have the carpets cleaned professionally.

3.  Update kitchen:

images-2What can you do for less than  $1000 when updating your kitchen?  You would be surprised at how much you can do.  You don’t have to make drastic changes, but simple ones can often do the trick.  Replace kitchen faucets and add a new sink if yours is stained.  Consider replacing the countertop if it’s old and unappealing.  It doesn’t have to be an expensive stone, but rather a neutral countertop.  If cabinets have seen better days, then consider painting them or at the very least, change their hardware for an updated look.  Flooring looking scuffed and old?  Consider replacing with a middle of the road tile or other flooring that fits in well with your home.  At the very least, make sure when you sell your home, your kitchen is spotless and the pantry and cupboards are well-organized.  This is important because even if your kitchen is in dire need of remodeling, at the very least buyers won’t turn up their noses if the room is sparkling clean.  Also, a well-organized kitchen shows buyers that there is plenty of room for storage.

4.  Make minor repairs:

Even if you can’t update your home, make sure that minor repairs are completed.  This includes replacing light bulbs, fixing leaky faucets, or anything else that buyers will immediately notice.  If you can’t do it, it will be worth your money to hire a handyman for a day.

5.  Organize your closet:

Buyers love looking in closets.  Finding a home with plenty of storage is almost always in the top 5 of every buyer’s “must have” list.  There is no doubt that in the past twenty years or so, we have accumulated more “stuff,” which is why homes are bigger with larger closets, basements and pantries.  In your master closet, install closet organizers and get rid of anything that you are not using.  In fact, the best advice I can give is to store at least 2/3 of your clothes.  This will show buyers a clutter free closet with plenty of room.  This is a simple trick that can really pay off.

6.  Landscaping:

For under $1000 you can do a lot in a yard that will create some impressive curb appeal.  You don’t need to re-landscape the entire yard, but pull out dead bushes and replace.  Add some ground mulch, mow and fertilize the grass, add some colourful flowers, change the mailbox if necessary, paint the front door if needed and throw in some potted plants with seasonal annuals and you will very likely get every bit of money that you put into your curb appeal.  At the very least, you have created a valuable first impression that will get buyers into your front door.



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