10 Great Marketing Questions To Ask Your Windsor Real Estate Agents

Posted in General Blog | 30/05/2012

Windsor Real Estate Agents

Windsor Real Estate Agents

In order to have a successful selling experience with your Windsor real estate agents, you need to make sure you ask the appropriate questions, especially regarding marketing.  Since showcasing your home on the Internet is the number one marketing tool available, it is necessary that you hire an agent who is up to date on the latest technology for selling your home.  You also want to know how they will publicize your home using more traditional methods. Here are some questions that you should ask Windsor real estate agents prior to hiring them.

1. How many ads will you run on my home?  Which publications?

2.  What copy will you run?  What are the features you will highlight?

3.  Will you launch a direct mail campaign?

4.  Where will you put signs besides my front yard?

5.  Will you conduct Open Houses?  If so, how many?  If not, why?

6.  Will you upload a virtual tour?

7.  Will my home have a website?  Be promoted by Facebook, Twitter and other social media?  How often will these sites be updated?

8.  Do you have your own website?  How often is it updated?  How many hits does it get on a daily basis?

9.  May I see your marketing publications?  (You are determining the quality and if it is professional looking.)

10.  What do you find are the most successful ways to publicize a home?  (If the agents dismiss using the Internet as a tool and relies only on traditional marketing, like Sunday open houses or print advertising, then you may want to reconsider and select other Windsor real estate agents).

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