Most Effective Ways to Market Your Windsor Property For Sale

Posted in General Blog | 08/05/2012

Windsor Property For Sale

Windsor Property For Sale

Getting your Windsor property for sale the attention it deserves takes some planning and work prior to putting your property on the market.  Promoting a home today is quite different from how it used to be as there is no such thing as traditional marketing anymore.  Even some methods that were popular a few years ago are now considered obsolete.  The goal is to make sure that your property attracts a your target audience.

1.  What are the special features of your home?  List everything that you think will be attractive to a buyer.  For example, do you have a swimming pool?  Are you in a desired school district? Are you close to public transportation?  Don’t be shy! List every positive selling point.

2. Once you have this list, discuss with your real estate agent how to best market your Windsor property for sale.  The features you listed should be used in heavily promoting your property.  Using phrases like:  Award Winning School District or Walk To Work will catch a buyer’s eye.

3.  The web is your best friend.  By heavily promoting your home on the Internet, you are increasing views to your home ten-fold.  But don’t skimp on this step.  Upload attractive photos of your home by taking pictures on a sunny day.  Don’t post just one photo, take several.  The more the buyer sees the better.  Make sure to always include the price of a home when posting your home on the Internet, as buyers will move on if they don’t see the information they want.  Remember, 90% of all homebuyers house hunt online.

4.  Take advantage of social media:  If you don’t know anything about YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, now is the time to learn.  First, hire a professional real estate agent that clearly understands the value of these marketing tools.  For example, wouldn’t you like to have an open house where hundreds of people walked through?  That’s the beauty of YouTube.  By making a video of your home and posting on this site, you have the opportunity to have your home showcased before an unlimited amount of prospective buyers.  Twitter and Facebook can immediately share your Windsor property for sale to your friends and family who will also pass along if they know a possible buyer.

5. Don’t forget the tried and true:  Of course, there are several traditional methods to promoting your home that should never be ignored.  Heavy promotion, via advertising in media, open houses and fliers should always be part of a marketing program in selling your home.

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