Marketing Your Windsor Property For Sale

Posted in General Blog | 23/06/2012

Windsor Property For Sale

Windsor Property For Sale

When your Windsor property for sale is not getting the attention it deserves, ask yourself if you are marketing it correctly.  If your home is considered a magnet, in other words, your property has what many buyers are looking for, then make sure they are aware of it.  If your home is priced correctly, then chances are, your advertising is suffering.

1.  Neighborhood:  This is one of the biggest factors that buyers are looking for.  If your Windsor property for sale is in a prime location, then make sure you are promoting this.

2.  Good Schools:  Buyers with children stated that this in the top reason they buy a Windsor property for sale if it is in a good school district.  It also affects the resale value of a home, so if you live in an award winning school district, make sure your advertising reflects that.

3.  Reputation:  Does your neighborhood or city have an excellent reputation?  Is it known for low crime, safe neighborhoods and decent priced housing?  Then again, make sure this is a headline in your marketing strategy.

4.  Active, Loyal Community:  If your neighborhood is active and homes rarely go for sale in your neighborhood, that tells a buyer that homeowners like it so much, they don’t want to leave.  By advertising that buying on your street is a “rare opportunity,” you are telling buyers your home won’t last long.

5.  Nearby Shopping/Entertainment:  Baby boomer buyers particularly like to buy homes near restaurants and cultural activities, as do first time homebuyers.  If your neighborhood is within five miles of these amenities, then by all means let your buyers know!

6.  Parks and Green Space:  Especially if your buyers have children, this feature is particularly important, enough so that 18% of buyers say proximity to such areas influenced their home choice.  Even baby boomers want to live near parks as it promotes a healthier lifestyle.

So Tweet, Facebook and Youtube these features regarding your Windsor property for sale.  Highlight, promote and don’t be shy and the buyers will come!

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