Marketing Your Windsor Property For Sale

Posted in General Blog | 27/02/2013

Windsor Property For Sale

Windsor Property For Sale

Other than pricing your Windsor property for sale correctly, an effective marketing program for your home is the best way to sell your house quickly.  Look at it this way:  90 percent of home buyers begin their house hunt online.  The first few weeks your home is on the market is the most critical as this is where interest in your property is the highest.  Why?  Because it’s new.  Buyers want to look at new homes on the market if it’s in their price range and fits their criteria.  Once those first few weeks have passed by, a home grows stale and interest goes down.

So it’s critical that you heavily promote your home in those first weeks.  If you don’t, you have lost a valuable opportunity to sell your home quickly.  What astonishes me is the number of homes that have zero marketing!  It doesn’t make any sense that real estate agents don’t have active websites, social media accounts and a heavy online presence that is continually updated.

One of the very first questions you should ask a real estate agent is:

“How will you market my home?”

Run, don’t walk if the agent says they will do print advertising, a sign in the front door and open houses.  These are outdated responses.  Open houses rarely sell homes, very few buyers look at the newspapers any more and anyone can put a sign in their front yard.  Frankly, real estate agents that don’t promote your home online really aren’t interested in making the effort to sell your home.

So how do you create a good marketing campaign:

Well, let’s look first at what NOT to do when marketing your home.

Let’s say that someone took a very bad photo of you, a photo that made you cringe when you first saw it.  Now let’s say that this person sent it to a friend  as a way of an introduction.  Chances are, that person may not be impressed and they move on.  Well that’s what happens when you put up bad photos of your home.  Buyers keep moving.  It is amazing how many horrible photos there are of homes that are for sale online.  We have seen photos where dogs are sitting on the furniture, messy kitchens with dirty dishes in the sink, lots of trash, blinds and drapes closed and other unbelievable situations.  These amateur photos show a buyer that the house not only is a mess, but probably needs lots of repairs.  So they pass.

Professional photos make a world of difference.  Make sure your home is spotless and decluttered then show your home’s best features.  Curb appeal is a must also.  Give the buyers a reason to want to make an appointment to see your home.

Other problems that we have noticed with ineffective home marketing:  Not catering to your target audience.  Once again, here’s an example.

Let’s say you have a home in a great school district in a neighbourhood that rarely sees homes go on the market.  What happens if you fail to mention that?  What sounds more appealing if you are the buyer:

“Great Home In Great Neighbourhood!”


“Rare Opportunity To Own A Phenomenal Home In One Of Windsor’s Most Highly Desired And Sought After School Districts!”

images-7By finding your target audience, you have created an ad that will appeal to families looking to move into the area.  You will also be zeroing in on couples eager to start a family.  Buying in a good school district is the number one criteria for the majority of families moving today.  It’s one of the first things they ask about.  So if you live in a desirable area, make sure it is heavily promoted.

And don’t ignore the fact that good marketing doesn’t stop once a buyer makes an appointment to see your home.  Make sure your home is available for buyers by having a lockbox on your property.  Don’t limit appointment hours.  Buyers don’t like to be told that they can only view your home on your schedule.  There are just too many available homes that are eager for buyers, that they will simply move on to the next property.

In summary:

1.  Take excellent photos of your home

2.  identify your target buyer

3.  Make your home assessable.

4.  Hire an agent that has a heavy online presence.

5.  Create a virtual tour for your home.

Selling a home takes lots of work.  To make sure it’s done right to generate the traffic you need to make a quick sale, hire an agent that knows how to get the job done.

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