Valuable May Checklist For Windsor Home Improvements

Posted in General Blog | 15/05/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

With your Windsor Home on the market and buyers out in full swing, here is a checklist to ensure that your home is ready for the hot months ahead.

1.  Air conditioner:  You don’t want a prospective buyer to make an appointment walk through your Windsor home during a heat wave and find that your air conditioner is broken or is not cooling effectively.  This is the time to clean or change your filter, trim bushes around your air conditioning unit and double-check to make sure your system is working properly by having it serviced.

2.  Wash windows:  Buyers like to see a home that is fresh and clean.  By washing your windows and throwing open the drapes, you are creating a bright and open home that appeals to buyers.  Particularly if you have a home with gorgeous views, this is one chore that should not be overlooked. While at it, make sure all window screens are repaired.

3.  Maintain siding:  Is the paint on your home in good condition but yet the siding looks a little rough?  Perhaps it needs a good dusting due to the winter dust, mud and debris.  Using a water hose with a spray attachment, simply rinse your home to give it a fresh look.  If power washing is needed, be careful that paint doesn’t come off in the process.  If mold is growing on your siding, there are many detergents available at your home improvement stores.

4.  Make sprinkler repairs:  Winter can do a lot of harm to your sprinkler system.  Check to see if there are any leaks, breaks, pooling or clogged sprinkler heads.  Repair or hire a professional to get your system back on track.  A brown yard does little to entice buyers to make an appointment to visit your home.

5.  Check Gutters:  This is usually an easy problem to fix and it’s best to do it before the home inspector makes a note of it.  Make sure all loose gutters are attached correctly and downspouts point away from the foundation of your Windsor home.  Clear all debris from gutters.

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