Mid July Checklist For Your Windsor Properties:

Posted in General Blog | 14/07/2012

Windsor Properties

Windsor Properties

Whether you have one or several Windsor properties, use our current decent weather and take time to give your house a walk-through to make sure everything is operating and running smoothly.  Here are some suggestions for those sellers that want to make sure their property is in tip-top shape for potential buyers.

1.  While you hope you are not in your home this coming winter, take time to insulate the hot water pipes in the basement to save on heating costs.  Buyers usually don’t think of these things and they will be grateful that you did.

2.  Clean patio furniture:  Chances are it’s been several weeks since you last did this.  Buyers like to see Windsor properties spotless and well cared for, so take an afternoon and remove all of the dirt, dust and anything else that has accumulated on your patio furniture in the past month.

3.  Clean concrete:  If you have a garage, driveway, patio or pool area that has stains or look like it’s seen better days, it’s time to wash your concrete. When using a power washer, make sure the water moves away from the home’s foundation and not towards it!  If so, this could be a problem.  Investigate further and contact a home inspector if needed.

4.  Patch cracks:  We have seen many Windsor properties that have significant cracks in the concrete.  Now is the time to repair.  Simply go to a home service center and ask for their suggestions.  Normally, this is a simple job that can be done on your own with little cost.

5.  Prune and remove dead trees:  Now that the weather has been nice, you may notice lots of plants and trees are growing by leaps and bounds.  Make sure that there are no trees growing over your roof or against gutters.  Also, dead trees can cause problems if a sudden storm comes up and they then fall on your home. Hire a tree expert and trimming service to take care of these problems sooner rather than later.

6.  Mend fence:  If your fence has seen better days, or this summer it has taken a beating, now is a good time to repair.  Replace and repaint damaged posts especially those that are cracked and peeling.

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