Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Windsor Real Estate

Posted in General Blog | 07/05/2012

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

Spring is here and the busiest time in Windsor real estate market has arrived. So it is important that you avoid these mistakes when selling your home. You need to take advantage of the increased flow in the buyer traffic that the next few months will offer.

Here are some steps you want to avoid:

1.  Pricing Your Home Too High:  This is the worst mistake a seller can make.  Buyers won’t even stop if your Windsor real estate is priced unrealistically.  If you price your home too low and it is immediately sold, you will wonder if you missed out on some additional money.  Work carefully with your professional real estate agent and study the comparable homes in the neighborhood.  If priced correctly, you will have a steady stream of traffic walking through your home.  An offer, possibly multiple offers, could be right around the corner.

2.  Your Home Needs Obvious Repairs:  Not paying attention and making the necessary improvements to get your home ready for the market is like shooting yourself in the foot.  A wall with a hole in it, a garage door that doesn’t open, a carpet that has seen better days will make a buyer wonder what else is wrong with your property.

3.  Bad Marketing:  Promoting your Windsor real estate effectively is necessary to ensure that buyers are not only aware of your home but that they make an appointment immediately to view it.  If your home doesn’t have a strong Internet presence, not heavily promoted or its strong features not highlighted, you are simply missing out on finding the best buyer for your home.

4.  Hiring An Inexperienced Agent:  Would you hire an inexperienced Doctor?  Roofer?  Dentist?  Plumber?  Of course not.   The same should go for your real estate agent when you are selling what is probably your biggest financial asset.  Is it worth losing several thousand dollars, maybe more, on a home sale by hiring an agent with no experience?  This can easily happen if you don’t hire a full-time professional real estate agent who knows how to sell a home.  Get recommendations from friends and family and avoid hiring an agent without carefully checking their qualifications.

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