Mistakes Windsor Property Owners Make When Selling

Posted in General Blog | 31/08/2012

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

If you need to sell your Windsor property quickly, then don’t make the mistakes that several over anxious sellers make.  First things first, don’t panic.  While many are under the impression that homes are not selling, we can tell you that this is not true.  Homes are selling.  And they are selling every day.  But don’t rush and sell your property without having a clear, organized plan.  Problems rushed sellers make include:

1.  Not hiring a good broker.  If you need to sell your home quickly, either do to a job transfer, a divorce or loss of job, now is not the time to pick a family friend.  Go to a friend or neighbour who sold their home quickly and get a name of someone that is at the top of their game.  You want an agent that has drive, a strong web presence; works full time and can market your property better than the rest.

2.  Don’t make price reductions over and over.  Buyers just don’t take this strategy well at all.  It just shows desperation and is guaranteed to give you a very low-ball offer simply because buyers won’t take you seriously and think you will accept any price.  Even if that is the case, why advertise it?  If needed, then cut the price, but don’t make little changes every few days.

3.  Not taking the first bid.  Sit down with your real estate agent and go over the bid, even if it is well below the asking price.  For many buyers, this is just a starting point and they are eager to see how low they can offer.  Don’t take the bid too personally but rather come back with a strong counter offer.  Don’t assume other buyers will make offers soon.  Treat every bid as if it will be your last.

4.  Waiting.  Now is the time to sell your Windsor property. Surprised?  Many say it is not due to the fact that it is a buyer’s market.  But if you need to sell your home, then sell it now.  Fall is coming and for many buyers, that is a big time to buy a home as many want to get settled before the holidays.

5.  Showing your home before it’s ready.  Some sellers panic and put the house on the market without decluttering and cleaning first.  This is always a bad idea.  First of all, realtors will take a mental note and avoid taking their clients to a home that doesn’t show well.  Second, you only have one time to make a first impression.  If buyers aren’t impressed, then they won’t come back.  Clean, de-clutter, make repairs and then show buyers you are serious about selling your home.

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