More Creative Ways When Moving Into Your Windsor Real Estate

Posted in Buyer Blog | 12/08/2013

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

There are so many people moving these summer months into Windsor real estate. Whether it’s an apartment, house or condo down the road or miles away, the actual moving experience can be stressful and time-consuming.  However, it doesn’t need to be.  Those that are organized and take time to plan their move will more than likely have a much easier time.

Here are some great tips we have collected to ensure that your transition into your new property starts out on the right foot.

1.  Get rid of what you don’t want.

Why pay movers to move heavy boxes you don’t need to, with stuff you rarely use or don’t want?  Moving is a great excuse to get rid of what you no longer wear or what you haven’t used in months.  As I have said many times, if you don’t use it, then lose it.

2.  Set up a colour coded system:

This is a terrific way that you can tell where a box needs to go, simply by looking for a coloured sticker on the box.  Pick one colour for every room of the house.  Once a box has been packed, put the appropriate sticker on the box with a number.  On a notebook, list what is inside the box.  For example, let’s say you pick the colour yellow for your kitchen. Put a large yellow sticker with the number 1 on the first box you back.  Then, by looking at your notebook you can tell what is in the box.  Movers will know that all boxes marked with yellow stickers goes into the kitchen.

3.  Start packing rooms you don’t use often.

For many, this may be the dining room or a spare bedroom.  Keep boxes in the rooms until moving day or move into garage.

4.  Bedrooms:

When packing bedrooms, keep two weeks worth of clothing that you can wear in a  suitcase.  If you will be staying at a hotel prior to moving into your new home, then don’t forget to pack swimsuits.  If you are moving into a colder area, check the weather and make sure you have the appropriate clothing.

5.  Home office:

Chances are, you will be moving with computers and other electronics.  Before unplugging, take a photo on your smartphone of what the hook-up looks like so you can easily set it up once you unpack your computer. This way you can save yourself lots of time and frustration.  Another excellent suggestion is to purchase a fire and water proof safe to include all of your important information, such as birth certificates, passports, documents and the like.

6.  Find what you will need immediately:

images-14Moving into a new home takes patience.  Imagine though that you are arriving into your home and with nothing unpacked, a child suddenly wants their favourite snack.  Pack what you know you will need that first day and colour code a special, bright colour. Lable these boxes as FIRST UNPACKED and have them in a special location so movers will load them last so they can be found the moment the truck is unloaded.  These boxes may include:

1.  Plates/cups/silverware or disposables

2.  Coffee maker

3.  Trash bags

4.  Basic tools

5.  Toilet paper/paper towels

6.  Bath towels

7.  Sheets for beds

8.  light bulbs

9.  Favourite snacks

7.  Have money available for movers including any extra for tips.  Leave your bag in the trunk of your car including any valuables that you want to keep safe.

8.  Start using your food in the pantry and refrigerator!  The day before you move, invite friends or neighbours over to take what you no longer will use or want.  Offer condiments, items in your freezer and fridge.  If you have lots of canned goods and pantry items, consider donating to a shelter.

9.  If you have paperwork you no longer need, such as old cancelled checks, documents, old warranties, etc., there are office supply stores that will shred them for a small cost.  It’s much easier and safer than disposing them yourself, especially if you don’t have a shredder.  Again, why pay to move something you no longer need?

These are just a few suggestions that anyone moving can find helpful.  And while the process of moving is not always fun, it doesn’t have to be the stressful situation it once was.  With so many clever ideas and tips available, all it takes is a little research to make your relocation a smooth one.

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