More Key Moving Advice From Windsor Real Estate Agents

Posted in Buyer Blog | 14/07/2012

Windsor Real Estate Agents

Windsor Real Estate Agents

One thing Windsor real estate agents are often asked when clients are moving into the area, is what are the basic important contact numbers they should have?  To make your move go more smoothly and organized, here are a list of emergency numbers that you may need to find at some point.

1.  Police, Ambulance, Fire non-emergency numbers.  These numbers are helpful when you are unsure if a particular situation is not an emergency or if you have specific questions.

2. Pharmacy:  It’s good to find a local pharmacy prior to moving, particularly if you have a prescription that needs to be refilled monthly.  This is also good to have should you have any medical questions when a doctor’s visit isn’t necessary.

3.  Hospital:  Always find the name, address and phone number of the hospital closest to you.  This is particularly helpful if you need to get to the emergency room or call the hospital for information.

4.  School:  Phone numbers and addresses of your children’s schools, with the names of their teacher are always helpful to have prior to moving.  This is perfect for making appointments or reporting an illness.  It is also necessary for transferring school records.

5.  Veterinarian:  Ask for recommendations from new neighbors or your Windsor real estate agents for this as well as a number for a 24 hour pet hospital.

6.  Doctor’s Office/Urgent Care:  Your new doctor’s phone number and address should be nearby, for those calls that you need to make in a hurry.

7.  Poison Control:  This number is particularly handy if you have small children in the home.

8.  Utility companies:  In case of an outage, or any other emergency, have these numbers available with your account numbers in case there is a problem.

9.  Your family’s new cell phone numbers and your new address:  Have you ever tried to call a family member from your home phone, but can’t remember their cell number because you always rely on pressing “call” from your cell.  Chances are, everyone in the family is getting new cell numbers.  List them all as well as your new address.  You would be surprised how many times a new homeowner can’t remember their new address.

These are just some suggestions that Windsor real estate agents have when listing new telephone numbers.  Keep in a file or notebook by your phone for easy access.



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