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Posted in Buyer Blog | 01/07/2013

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

As a busy, full-time professional Windsor real estate, I am probably asked hundreds of questions a month regarding the housing industry.  Here are some of the most popular questions I have received in the past several weeks:

Question:  I put my home on the market in late March.  While I have had lots of showings, I haven’t had one offer.  I lowered the price once and it’s right where it should be.  Why is it not selling?

Answer:  Are you sure your home is priced correctly?  Make sure you have your agent give you the latest neighbourhood comps for your area.  This will show you what similar homes have SOLD for in the past couple of months.  If it is determined that your house is in fact priced right, you may want to consider lowering it even further.  Is your house move-in ready?  Does it need lots of updating?  What does the curb appeal look like?  If you are on a busy road and close to commercial properties, there is a very good chance you will need to lower the price of your home below what the comps as location really matters to buyers. Do you have bad neighbours that make your block look like an eyesore? Is your home getting enough Internet exposure? There are lots of reasons buyers may not be making an offer on your home.  Make sure you talk to your agent and discuss a new game plan.

Question:  I’m really nervous about the inspection process.  We have an older home and I just know they will find something wrong with the house.

Answer:  The inspection process is often the most nerve wrecking for sellers, often more than the negotiation process.  Why?  Because you have little control over what an inspector will find.  And of course, they will find something, particularly with older homes.  My advice is to wait and see what the inspector comes up with but be prepared to negotiate.  Hopefully, you have a well experienced real estate agent that can work with you to come up with solutions that everyone can live with.  One word of advice to anyone selling an older home:  Pay for an inspection yourself before you put the home on the market and make what needed repairs you can.  While a seller will (and should) get their own inspection once a home price has been agreed upon, at least you can show that you have made the necessary repairs.  If you can’t make the repairs, then you may have to adjust the listing price.

Question:  Everyone says the summer is the best time to sell a home, but we want to list our property this fall?  Have we missed the boat?

Answer:  No! There are buyers out there for every season.  And yes, people have even looked at properties on Christmas Day.  But many real estate agents believe that fall is the best time to buy a home as you have serious buyers this time of year.  Not those who are just “thinking” about it.  Personally, my thoughts are that while in the summer you may get more traffic coming through your home, the fall season will give you buyers that want to be in a home for the holidays.  Price it right, make needed repairs, update if you can and if needed and hire an agent that has a proven track record.

Question:  I’m really dissapointed in my real estate agent.  She said our house would sell quickly but we have only had two showings since we put it on the market a month ago.  It takes her hours to return a phone call and she doesn’t seem that interested in our listing anymore.  What can we do?

Answer:  There are those agents out there that will say whatever they think a buyer will want to hear so they can get your business.  They may inflate the price of your home just to make you happy and spin tall tales about how your home will sell immediately.  If you really feel that the relationship has soured, then it’s time to have a meeting with your agent as soon as possible.  List your concerns, speak frankly and see if you can severe your contract.  There is no cut and dried answer, but most agents don’t like to work with clients that are unhappy.  Again, speak to her and if you don’t like what you hear, it’s time to see if you can move on.

images-10Question:  We have to sell our home due to financial issues.  We have a limited amount of money to make repairs or update.  What’s the most important?  Paint the rooms a neutral colour (they are a little loud and bright now) or put in new carpeting?

Answer:  This is always difficult to determine without seeing your home.  Does your carpeting need to be replaced or can it be professionally cleaned?  A gallon of paint costs little but the change is immediate, especially to make a home appear bigger and brighter. Buyers are looking for homes that are move-in ready, so walk around with your agent and get their opinion.  And as always, price your home right!

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