Moving Checklist For Your Windsor New Home

Posted in Buyer Blog | 25/06/2012

Windsor New Home

Windsor New Home

You are finally moving into your Windsor new home!  Hopefully, the buying process was smooth and you are ready to pack.  Many buyers think that the negotiating part of buying a home is the most stressful, but others believe that moving from one home to another is the most nerve-racking.  So let’s make it simple.  Here are some suggested tips for making your moving experience as simple and as organized as possible:

As Soon As You Accept An Offer:

Organize, toss, donate:  Go through every room in your house and decide what you want to move to your Windsor new home and what you want to get rid of.

Research moving companies:  There have been many articles on this blog about how to carefully find a reputable moving company.  The bottom line:  do your research!

Create a folder:  This is where you will keep track of everything regarding your move.  This would include receipts, estimates, calendar and all important phone numbers.

Get school records:  If this pertains to you, go to your child’s school and make arrangements for their school records to be transferred to new school district.

Six Weeks Before Moving Day:

Get moving supplies:  If you need them, order them now.  These would include tape, bubble wrap and markers.

Take measurements of Windsor new home:  This will determine what furniture you will be taking and give you plenty of time to sell or donate should something not fit.

One Month Before Moving Day:

Choose and Confirm Mover:  Make sure it’s in writing and place in your moving file.

Start packing:  Pack the items you don’t use often and go from there.  Label each box and pack all items from one room at one time.  Don’t mix kitchen supplies with bedding.

Submit change of address:  Fill out the necessary paperwork.  Much of it can be done online.

Notify banks, etc.:  Cancel utilities, cable and give them your last day of services.  Contact banks, employers, magazine, newspaper, credit cards and insurance companies of your new address.

Forward medical records.  If you know your new doctor, arrange for records to be transferred.

Few Days From Moving:

Empty, clean refrigerator and pantry.  Give whatever food you won’t need to neighbors.

Confirm moving company:  Make sure the time is correct and they have proper directions to your home.  Make arrangements for payment and tip by going to bank and having some cash prepared in an envelope.  Put in moving folder until you need it.

Pack suitcase:  This is what you will need for the few days you don’t have your belongings with you.  Have enough for a few days and let every member of your family have their own suitcase.

Refill prescriptions:  Make sure you have plenty until you are safely settled in your new home.

Moving Day!  You are ready!



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