Moving During The Holidays!

Posted in Buyer Blog | 25/10/2012

Windsor House

Windsor House

As if the holidays weren’t busy enough, how would you like to throw in moving to a new home during this time of the year?  Believe it or not, people move into new homes throughout the hectic and crazy holiday months as these types of circumstances often can’t be avoided.  So while others may be unpacking and setting up their decorations, you not only are packing up yours but your entire belongings as well.  So take a deep breath, and follow these steps when moving during this time of the year.

Plan Ahead:

Like any move, planning well ahead of time will take a load of stress off of you and your family.  If you find that you will be actually moving the month of December, make sure you hire movers now.  While it’s not the busiest time of the year for moving companies, get them scheduled and see if they offer any pricing discounts during this time.  Be sure and follow recommendations on hiring movers.  Not all are created equal.  Sell, donate and get rid of anything that you no longer need nor wish to take with you.  The less you take with you, the less movers will charge.  Start packing anything you won’t need until after you move in.  Also, separate the items you will need for your holiday festivities and pack and label.

Once On The Road:

Once you are on the road, remember, attitude is everything.  It’s difficult to move during the holidays, especially if you are moving away from family and longtime friends.  But especially if you have children, it’s important to make this experience an adventure.  but don’t try and be a super hero.  It’s not necessary to try and incorporate every tradition that you have followed into the holiday this year, but rather choose the one that will mean the most to you and your family.  For example, tour your new neighbourhood in the evening while looking at holiday decorations and lights while listening to holiday music.  Not sure where you are going?  Ask a real estate agent or check with neighbours and see what streets or neighbourhoods are worth visiting.  Stop for hot chocolate afterwards and enjoy your new community.

Moving In:

Once you are settled into your new home, and the holidays are only days away, it may be hard to be fully acclimated to your new house.  If unpacked boxes block the hallway or you can’t find your turkey roaster to cook your traditional holiday meal, then take a deep breath!  Remember, in the long run, you and your family will remember the steps you took to try and make the holiday memorable.  So instead of cooking the familiar holiday meal, go out to eat instead.  Don’t have time or energy to put out your holiday decorations?  Just put out one or two that mean the most to you and your family.  Make life easy on yourself.


Even if your boxes are unpacked and you are enjoying your new home, it’s okay to simplify your normal traditions.  By downscaling the holiday a little, you are putting the emphasis on enjoying and celebrating the holidays as opposed to decorating and cleaning up.  This is also a great time to create new traditions for your new home. On Christmas Eve, rent holiday movies, make popcorn and relax.

Stay Connected:

Finally, make sure that you stay connected with family and friends during this time.  It’s hard to be away from what is familiar, but it’s especially tough during the holidays.  The beauty of technology is that we can make Skype dates and stay in touch with family in a matter of seconds.

While moving during the holidays is not ideal, it can be an opportunity to make it an adventure.  If you are able, hire out those services that can make your life easier.  Let someone else wrap your holiday gifts, or shop online.  If your local grocery stores offer a delivery service, take advantage of it while you get settled.  Finally, take any advice you can from your real estate agent while asking for their suggestions on what not to miss during the holiday season.  Maybe there is a special tree lighting ceremony or a musical that is playing nearby.  See if your community has a Facebook page so you can see what is available.

The other good news about moving during the holidays? You will be happily settled in your Windsor house and your New Year can begin on a fresh page.

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