New, Easy And Clever Ways To Stage Your Windsor Home

Posted in General Blog | 16/04/2013

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to stage your Windsor home as you prepare to sell it.  With homes coming up on the market every single day, real estate agents, including myself, are busy touring homes with their clients.  Again, and I have said this over and over again on this site, sellers can do so much for their property if they would just take a little bit of time to make their homes attractive to buyers.  It really doesn’t take much to turn a home from average to “wow.”

1.  Bathrooms:

Clean your bathroom walls as those that are grimy are a huge turn off to buyers.  Get rid of mold in the showers and before showing, empty your bath/shower of all personal materials, such as shampoo, soap, etc.  If your bathroom requires it, give it a fresh coat of a neutral paint, add fluffy white towels and a new shower curtain.  You won’t believe the difference and I can assure you, buyers will take note.  It’s simple and cheap.

2.  Kitchen:

Buyers love stainless steel appliances.  It is always a huge hit and just screams of an updated look that buyers covet.  Yet, if you can’t afford to replace your dishwasher, then add stainless steel stick on coverings and cut them to size.  For under $20 you can have a new look for your old dishwasher.

And if your kitchen cabinets have seen better days, consider painting them.  This takes a bit of work, but old drabby cabinets can instantly be updated to a modern classic.  Add new hardware for your cabinets and buyers will think you have remodeled your kitchen for a lot more than what you paid.

Living Room:

If your hardwood floors are scruffy and scratched, buyers will notice.  If there is any water damage, then you will need to replace the boards with new pieces of wood.  While many choose to do this update themselves, make sure you know what you are getting in to.  I have seen flooring damaged from home owners who attempt to sand and refinish hardwood floors themselves.  When in doubt, talk with a flooring professional to see what the job entails.  But make no mistake, a nicely polished floor will turn an eyesore into a dramatic feature.




Here, less is more.  Buyers are looking for space and storage, so it is important to remove any unnecessary or distracting furniture from the bedroom.  If you have a king-sized bed in a small bedroom, replace with a smaller bed.  And if your home office is located in your bedroom, you will need to remove anything that takes away from a place where a buyer wants to see relaxation and comfort.  A bedroom should always be shown as a bedroom and not a room that has multiple purposes.  Why?  Because buyers will assume that your home is not big enough.  The best advice I can offer:  When in doubt, remove it!


Deck:  A nice outdoor deck is a great selling feature as long as it looks well maintained.  Buyers that walk outside and see an old deck see a major liability.  Make any repairs and cover with a light-coloured stain.  Stage it for entertaining, such as an outdoor table and potted flowers to give your outdoor living space instant appeal.

Other staging tips:

Again, give each room a purpose.  If you have a spare bedroom that you using as both a guest room and a home office, then make it a bedroom, particularly if you have a smaller house.

To create more storage space, clear out any unnecessary clutter and organize to show how much space you actually have.  Buyers will look into closets and cabinets, so give them the impression that you have lots of room for their belongings.

Increase the light in your house.  The theory for many professional stagers is to have a total of 100 watts of light for every 50 square feet.   Increase the wattage in your light fixtures and don’t rely on just two lamps per room.  Turn on the overhead lights as well when showing a home.  The more light, the better as buyers want to see a bright home.

Fresh flowers are always part of a home stagers final look to any room.  But you can simply go outside and gather budding clippings to create a nice focal point.  Summer blooms add lots of colour and fall foliage can add warmth to a home on a chilly day.  You don’t need to spend money on this sort of thing if you have a backyard that offers a variety of greenery.  Bring the outside in!

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