New Windsor Real Estate Agents Discuss Housewarming Gifts

Posted in Buyer Blog | 06/07/2012

New Windsor Real Estate

New Windsor Real Estate

As New Windsor Real Estate agents, we see a variety of housewarming gifts.  Stepping away from our usual articles regarding the home selling and buying process, here are some ideas we have seen that buyers receive which are always very popular and clever.

1.  Do you have friends who love to entertain?  When trying to find a housewarming gift for this type of person, you can never go wrong with a wonderful bottle of sparkling wine nestled in a nice champagne bowl.  Include some goblets and some festive wrapping, and it’s a gift that is widely appreciated.

2.  What about friends who enjoy cooking?  Surprise your friends with a brand new cookbook with basket of popular spices and herbs.  Or maybe a book on appetizers alongside a serving tray with small cheese knives.

3.  Gifts for a gardener?  What about gifting friends or family with an outdoor plant or tree?  Windsor real estate agents find that buyers who receive this gift are overwhelmed at the idea of planting a tree that will long be remembered and associated with the purchase of a home that will hopefully bring many happy memories.

4.  The do it yourselfer:  There is nothing better than receiving a gift card to home improvement stores.  For many buyers, whose budgets are tight after buying a home, this simple gift is often the most appreciated.

5.  For someone moving into a new area, a nice housewarming gift is a gift card to a new restaurant.  When cooking isn’t on the agenda (and who cooks when they are moving?), a night out while trying a popular local restaurant is just what is needed after a day of unpacking.



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