New Windsor Real Estate: How Important is a Clean Smell?

Posted in General Blog | 04/03/2012

New Windsor  Real Estate

New Windsor Real Estate

As a New Windsor real estate agent, I have walked into a home with potential buyers who are excited to see a property only to be greeted by pet, cigarette or food orders.  This usually results in a quick exit.  It’s never a good sign when buyers leave a home holding their nose, so be sure to ask your agent for their thoughts if you feel your home is overwhelmed with unappealing smells.  Don’t take it personally if your New Windsor real estate agent suggests that your home undergo a thorough cleaning to rid your house of odors, as this is necessary to ensure that your home showings get off on the right foot.

First things first, if you find you have this problem, you will need to completely air your entire house out.  Open windows so fresh air circulates around your home. Sometimes, this is all it takes, especially if your property has been closed up during the winter.

If odors still prevail, it’s time for a good scrubbing.  Clean your flooring and walls with a safe, odor neutralizing product.  Shampoo your carpets or better yet, hire professionals.  Keep in mind, that if the carpet is full of stains and the odor is deeply penetrated, then padding and carpeting will need to be replaced.  If this is the case, perhaps the sub flooring needs to be washed as well.

Like cigarette smoke and food odors, pet smells can infiltrate the drapes and upholstery.  Check the care labels and wash accordingly.  Animal hair covering a piece of furniture is also visually unappealing so make sure that you keep your pet off the furniture while your home is on the market.

Once these steps are handled, there is a very good chance your New Windsor real estate will smell fresh and clean.  Finish by adding some scented candles or potpourri around the house.  Of course, don’t overwhelm your home with fragrance or that could be another potential problem.

Here are a few final ideas on what to do to prevent odors from coming back while your house is on the market:

No smoking in the house period.

Keep your dog outside or in a crate and a cat reserved to one room or floor and off furniture.  Empty and hide litter boxes before a showing and clean up after your dog outside.  Secure all waste in a tightly sealed bag and throw away in a sealed outdoor trashcan.  Better yet, consider having your pets stay with a friend or perhaps in an animal day care facility during the day.  Buyers do not like to be introduced to a barking, jumping dog when viewing your home.

Do not cook any strong smelling meals prior to a showing.  Fish and many ethnic meals involving heavy spices, should be omitted.

Keep these things in mind if you want to sell your house for top dollar.

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