New Windsor Real Estate: How to Find A GOOD Home Inspector

Posted in Buyer Blog | 29/04/2012

New Windsor Real Estate

New Windsor Real Estate

When you are buying New Windsor real estate, it is necessary to hire a home inspector to evaluate the condition of the home you want to purchase.  As a buyer this is your opportunity to discover if there are any problems or repairs that need fixing before you can call yourself the homeowner.  By hiring the right home inspector, you can save money, time and stress that you are not buying a home that is in dire straights.  By following these suggestions, you can find an inspector you can trust.

1.  Find an inspector before you look for a home.  Take the time to find one that will do a thorough examination and not rush through the process.  By asking family and friends for a recommendation and then doing some online research, you can avoid feeling rushed and picking the first one you come across when the time is needed to hire one.

2.  Ask questions of prospective inspectors which will include their background, training, how long they have been in the business, how many inspections they have performed and how detailed their report will be.  You don’t want to hire someone who will give you a simple checklist, you want a detailed account of the condition of the home you want to buy.

3.  Make sure your inspector is fully licensed and has the appropriate credentials.  Check to see if there have been any complaints filed against the inspector or his company.

4.  Make sure that your inspector is familiar with the style of house you are looking at.  For example, if you want to purchase an old Victorian home, it is necessary that your inspector be familiar with older housing.  Hiring an expert with a broad knowledge of your home’s structure is necessary and can save you thousands of dollars should they discover something wrong.

It is always good to be present as well as your New Windsor real estate agent when an inspector is going through your home.  Take note of every potential problem they discover.  Ask questions and get their opinion on what repair costs will be.  A thorough inspection will include checking for roof problems, insect infestation, unsafe wiring, poor plumbing, wet basements, safety hazards, septic systems and more.  At the end of the inspection, you should receive a written report listing all of the findings.

Home inspections can cost anywhere from $300 on up, but it will be the best money you ever spent on your New Windsor real estate.

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