New Windsor Real Estate Says What Repairs To Make

Posted in General Blog | 12/08/2012

New Windsor Real Estate

New Windsor Real Estate

As the busy New Windsor real estate markets continues to improve, sellers are often wondering what improvements to make before they list their property.  Good sellers will understand that certain repairs will make a buyer take interest.  For example, most buyers don’t care if you put in a skylight, but they do want to know that the roof is in good condition.  The same goes with updating.  If your kitchen needs work, you don’t need to make drastic, expensive improvements and repairs when maybe only a coat of paint and some new hardware on the cabinets are all that’s needed.

When anyone is considering selling his or her New Windsor real estate, it is a good idea to make a list of everything that needs repaired or replaced.  The list should include the simple, like replace light bulbs, to the more extreme, such as getting a new roof.

Here are the top home improvements that every seller should consider before listing their home:

1.  Rip out and replace used, worn carpeting.  Buyers notice this the moment they walk into a home.  Not a good first impression.

2.  Repair leaky faucets.  No buyer likes to hear the sound of drip, drip, drip.

3.  Fix all holes, cracks in walls.  This is usually a simple repair and makes a huge difference.

4.  Update paint.  If your home has marked walls, or is in dire need of a paint job, then by all means, update!  Paint with neutral colours only.  Now is not the time to be creative, just a simple, easy paint job is all that is needed.

5.  Repair roof.  Fix missing shingles if needed, check for leaks.

6.  Change outdated light fixtures.  This is another low cost repair and you would be surprised the impact it makes.

7.  Fix broken appliances.  If you have a heating/cooling system that doesn’t operate, now is the time to repair that as well.

By making these improvements in your New Windsor real estate, you will give yourself a huge head start in selling your property quickly.  Talk with your real estate agent about what else you can do so that your home will be listed as sold in no time.

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