New Windsor Real Estate: Secrets to Updating Your Bathroom

Posted in General Blog | 24/03/2012

New Windsor Real Estate

New Windsor Real Estate

As a New Windsor real estate agent, I often write about fixing up your Windsor home for sale before you put it on the market.  Many sellers are reluctant to do any major remodeling as they don’t see the need to put down lots of money on an improvement they will never enjoy.  While I understand the point, it’s necessary for me to remind them that it is a buyers market with lots of competition out there in the real estate market.  The difference between making a few changes or leaving a dated room alone, may mean your home will be on the market longer.  During the upcoming spring season, considered by many to be the most popular time to purchase a home, you want to take advantage of the increase in buyers looking for Windsor homes.

So what can you do to your bathroom that has not be updated in several years and you know will have a negative impact to buyers?  Here are some inexpensive, yet necessary tips you can follow to put your bathroom in a better light.

1.  Paint!  Painting your walls a neutral, bright color will not only make your bathroom look larger, but can take away from any outdated fixtures that you cannot afford to replace.  As a New Windsor real estate agent I can confirm: dingy and dark bathrooms do not appeal to any buyers.

2. Replace the dated strip lighting above the sink and mirror and replace with sconces or something more current.  This is a quick, inexpensive fix that will instantly make an impression.

3.  If your cabinetry is scuffed, dated and hasn’t been replaced since it was installed years ago, either replace or at the very least, stain or paint.  Add some updated hardware for a more current look.

4.  Add new towels, replace the shower curtain, put out new accessories like a bathroom rug to add interest.  Make these colors pop a bit since the room color is now neutral.  Rid your counters of all personal effects and display a soap dish and perhaps a small vase of seasonal flowers to give the room a finished touch.

Finally, once your New Windsor real estate improvements are made, keep the bathroom spotless and use a light room freshener to make it sparkle.  Remove all personal supplies from the shower the day of the showing and store under the sink.  Make sure your cupboards are organized, as buyers will open to inspect for storage space.

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