New Windsor Real Estate: What NOT To Do When Buying Your Home

Posted in Buyer Blog | 20/05/2012

New Windsor Real Estate

New Windsor Real Estate

With so many homebuyers looking for New Windsor real estate, now is a good time to go over what should NOT be done prior to purchasing your home.

1.  Don’t Ignore Your Credit Score:  By all means, find out your score before you even begin looking for a home.  Discovering surprises or errors while heavy into the buying process can derail your chances of buying your desired home.

2.  Don’t Make Large Purchases:  Just before you purchase any New Windsor real estate, make sure that you hold off on any large purchases, such as a car, furniture or major appliances, as it will decrease your credit score.  There are countless of stories from real estate agents who have watched homes fall from escrow because a lender refused a loan to a buyer who bought a car just before closing.

3.  Don’t Refuse A Home Inspection:  There are too many homes being sold “as is” which makes it even more important to have a thorough home inspection by a qualified inspector.  Expensive problems, such as problems with the roof, electrical, heating, air conditioning and more are discovered at this time.  By ignoring this step, you are likely to incur costs that far exceed the cost of an inspection.

4. Don’t Forget Insurance:  Purchasing New Windsor real estate is not simply buying a home, but also being responsible for all of the costs that come with it.  Make sure you budget for homeowner’s insurance, taxes and HOA fees if your property falls into a that category.

5. Don’t Change Jobs:  Or better yet, don’t decide to go into business for yourself prior to filling out a home loan application.  You want to show your bank stability.

Never hesitate to contact your Windsor real estate agent should you have any questions regarding purchasing your home.  That’s what we are here for.

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