Parents: Ways To Keep Your Sanity When Selling Windsor Property

Posted in General Blog | 21/05/2014

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

Selling a Windsor property can be stressful for any number of reasons.  Usually it’s a lot of little reasons mixed in with one or two big issues.  But for some sellers, the biggest concern is trying to sell a home that looks clean, organized and ready to view at any moment of the day or night.  This is especially difficult when a seller has children.  It’s hard enough to have kids clean their room, but to keep it that way?  It’s almost impossible.  And what about during the summer, when everyone is out of school?

What sellers need to remember is that hopefully, selling a home won’t last long.  If your home is priced right and in a sought after location, chances are you will have a buyer sooner rather than later.  Which means that sellers must never turn down an opportunity for a showing.  As a real estate agent for over 25 years, I can assure you that I have had countless of unexpected showings for a home and an offer is made later that day.  Buyers today have crazy, unpredictable schedules and many are traveling to and only have one time to see a home.  I recently was with a client and we were on our way to see one property, I mentioned to him about a home that had just come on the market that seemed like a good fit.  He needed to see the home immediately as he was leaving on a flight back home. I called to make the appointment and despite the fact that the seller was in the middle of entertaining out-of-town guests, she gathered them up and left the house.  Needless to say, my client saw the home, loved it, and the seller had an offer that next day.

So here are my tips for selling your home, especially if you have children:

1.  One box of toys, per child: The goal is to keep messy toys stored away while your home is listed.  The last thing you want is for your buyer to step on a Lego.  If you get that call for an unexpected showing, do you really want frantically try to get marker stains out of the carpeting?

2.  Store or put away all large items:  Buyers don’t want to see a child’s kitchen set in the home for example, because it takes away valuable floor space.  The goal is to make rooms look larger, so store oversized items away.

3.  Use creative and colourful storage:  Baskets, cubical shelves and other terrific storage containers are available at various home good stores at inexpensive prices.  By organizing your children’s clutter, you can clean up toys without turning off buyers.

4. Don’t forget outdoor toys:  Buyers won’t be impressed if they pull into a driveway and see bicycles and other sports equipment lying around in the front yard and blocking paths.  And keep in mind that if you have a swimming pool, make sure all water toys, such as rafts, towels and other equipment are carefully stored away.

images-35.  Donate:  If you are selling your home and you know you have several children items that you no longer will use or don’t plan to take with you, now is a great time to donate or have a yard sale.  Children’s items go quickly, so you may be able to make some extra money if everything is in good condition.  This is particularly true with clothing that no longer fits your child. This means more room in your closet, which again, shows buyers you have ample storage.

There is no doubt that selling a home is difficult enough, but as realtors and parents ourselves, we understand how it is even more of an issue with children, particularly smaller ones.  Certainly, as a homeowner, you need to create as normal of a lifestyle as you can for your family.  By preparing your children in advance, buyers will appreciate the well-organized home you have established and understand that you are serious about selling your home.


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