Pests Are Out And Can Harm Your Windsor Ontario House For Sale

Posted in General Blog | 10/08/2014

Windsor Ontario Home

Windsor Ontario Home

No doubt about it.  Pests, including bugs, spiders, flies, ants, rodents, wasps and other creepy insects are out and about and can seriously affect the sale of your Windsor Ontario home.  I have walked through too many properties this summer and one thing buyers don’t want to see? Yep, all of the above.  With the warmer weather, these pests are now very active and in full force and they love being in your home or out in your yard.  The problem for those homeowners who are in the midst of selling, is that buyers don’t want to see these bugs.  Let’s face it, who wants to see a counter with ants crawling or walk outside only to be greeted by a swarm of wasps?

According to top pest removal agencies, some of the biggest concerns to buyers, not to mention sellers, are the following:

1.  Ants:  They can get into a home through the smallest of cracks and controlling them can be difficult.  Especially after heavy rains, these persistent creatures are determined to come into your home and  create havoc.

2.  Cockroaches:  Want to see a buyer take off and run?  Let them see a cockroach in the kitchen.  Like ants, they can get into the home through crevices, vents, pipes, and small cracks. If you see a cockroach during the day, chances are, they were forced out of their hiding place because of overcrowding as they are nocturnal.  Therefore, it is a good chance your home may be infested with cockroaches.  And of course, roaches carry organisms that can cause diarrhea, cholera as well as other diseases.

3.  Spiders:  I have yet to see a buyer that is amused to see a spider or worse, spiders, on the walls of a home for sale.  Not only because many view them as scary or creepy, but because they can bite or sting and create some serious health issues.  While most are just nuisances, some like dry, warm areas while others prefer moisture.

4.  Rodents:  While a buyer will rarely see an actual rodent in a home, they may very well find evidence of one.  When looking under cabinets or in a food pantry, droppings may be visible and quickly turn a promising house tour into a walk out the door.  Buyers just don’t want to deal with rodents because where there is one, there are many.  It often takes the work of a professional pest company to come and handle the problem and may take repeated visits.  Not only that, rodents can do severe damage to plumbing, drywall and a host of other issues, not to mention, once again, the health hazards they carry around with them.

So how does a seller prevent bugs and pests from entering their home, especially when they have the property listed?

images-111.  Remove all food and water sources that are not necessary.  Take out trash daily, cover lids tightly.  Cover food in plastic Tupperware type containers and properly sealed.

2.  Seal all cracks and crevices around windows and doors.

3.  Look under sinks and fill any holes or openings.

4.  Don’t leave food out when not being used.  When eating outside, don’t leave food for long periods of time and clean up when finished.

5.  Keep all rain gutters clear and make sure all downspouts are facing away from your home.

6.  If you have a mulch pile, keep it away from your home’s siding.  Trim shrubbery and any overgrown trees or landscaping.

If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, and concerned that pests may be an issue, schedule a professional exterminator to review your property.  If necessary, it may take a few treatments to rid your home of these creatures, but it’s money well spent.

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