Picking the Right Price When Selling Windsor Real Estate

Posted in General Blog | 26/08/2012

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

When it’s time to research what to price your Windsor real estate, it is always a good idea to work with a professional agent.  If you price it too high, then you will need to eventually reduce it and buyers will think several things:

1.  Something must be wrong with your property.

2.  If you lowered it once, then will you lower it again?

3.  If priced too high, no traffic.

So, in a sense, pricing your Windsor real estate is the most important thing you can do.  So pull up a chair with your real estate agent and carefully go over the following:

1.  What are the neighbourhood comps?

2.  What are the pending sales and how many days were the homes on the market?

3.  Look at active listings currently in your area.  How many days have they been on the market before prices were reduced?  Don’t worry about homes that are not similar to yours.

4.  If you are anxious to sell, run comparisons with listings that are active near the price you are considering.  You may want to list your price closer to the bottom.  This will spike a buyer’s interest.

If your home is priced too low what happens?  Chances are, your home will receive multiple offers, which means a price war.  While this of course is not guaranteed, sometimes the offers will come in higher than the list price if buyers feel a bidding war coming on.

Again, how eager are you to sell your home?  Keep in mind that price you pick can mean the difference of your home selling quickly or sitting on the market with zero offers.


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