Preparing Windsor Homes For Sale After A Death

Posted in General Blog | 06/06/2012

Windsor Homes For Sale

Windsor Homes For Sale

Preparing any Windsor homes for sale is never an easy job.  It is particularly difficult getting a home ready to sell after a loved one dies.  Not only are you cleaning out a home of personal, many well-loved belongings, but also you are dealing with the difficulty of losing a family member.

Here are some important steps to take should you find yourself in this position:

1.  Change Locks/Forward Mail:  This is very important, particularly if you are unsure how many people had keys to the house.  Also, make sure that all mail is forwarded to yourself or another member of the family.  This is a good way to keep track of all bills, correspondence, subscriptions, etc.  Also, for safety reasons it’s a good idea never to leave a mailbox overflowing with mail as it creates an opportunity for intruders or those looking for personal information for identity theft.

2.  Financial Documents:  Make sure that you leave no stone unturned and look everywhere in the home for any financial documents.  You would be surprised where people hide money (check inside all books and yes, look under mattresses).  Cash has even been found in the rafters of garages, so look everywhere.  What are you looking for:  will, bank accounts, private correspondence, stocks, bonds and insurance policies.  Remember to keep all homeowner’s insurance until the house is sold.

3.  Keep Up With Payments:  Mortgage companies, utilities and any other services still need to be paid if necessary.  While cable may not be necessary, you will still need water, gas and electric available when selling a home.

4.  Prepare Home For Sale:  After belongings are sorted and either donated, dispersed or thrown away, it’s time to take a deep breath and prepare the Windsor homes for sale.  Remove any dated furniture, window coverings and wall hangings.  If necessary, consider painting rooms if needed.  Make all repairs that are needed.  If flooring is dated, consider replacing and remove any signs of a pet.  Finally, clean from top to bottom.

5. If the owner died in the home, make sure and disclose to your real estate agent.  This may information may need to be included to potential buyers.

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