Preparing Windsor Homes For Sale On A Budget

Posted in General Blog | 21/07/2012

Windsor Homes For Sale

Windsor Homes For Sale

Many people don’t have lots of extra cash these days, particularly those preparing their Windsor homes for sale. First, let me tell you that there are several things you can do when preparing your home that really cost very little but make a world of difference.  Here are a few suggestions that cost less than $500:

1.  First impressions count.  So make sure the outside of your home sparkles.  Mow the grass and keep it tidy.  Plant flowers (some suggest planting yellow flowers as they stand out), wash windows, paint the front door and replace hardware if needed and make sure the house is power washed to get rid of cobwebs and dirt.  Place a welcome mat at the front door, replace or paint the mailbox and make sure your address is well displayed and near the entry.  Make sure all porch fixtures are working and cleaned.

2.  Once inside any Windsor home for sale, buyers do not want to see clutter. Make sure all excess furniture is stored elsewhere, like a storage unit.  The less furniture you have, the bigger the room appears.  Take away all personal photographs, patch holes or hang artwork that is not personal or offensive (majority of buyers don’t like seeing stuffed deer heads or antlers on walls either).  Store all knick-knacks, clear off bookcases and clean out closets.  In the kitchen, clear off counters, reorganize the pantry and make sure the room is spotlessly clean.

3.  If carpets need to be cleaned and you can’t afford a professional cleaner, then rent a carpet steamer and do it yourself.  Take time to polish all wood and ceramic flooring, clean ceiling fan blades, wipe down doors and create an overall welcoming feeling in your home.

Spending the $500 and using your own elbow grease can make a world of difference when your Windsor home for sale is available to the market.  Keep in mind, that many sellers are in your shoes and need to sell their home at the best possible price.  If a buyer can sense that your home is well taken care of and valued, it makes a huge impression.


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