Pricing Your Home To Sell Form

This is the single most important video you’ll ever watch pertaining to Pricing Your Home for the highest possible sales price. It’s presented by David Know who is one of the leading sales trainers and keynote speakers in the real estate industry.

This video will address the major principles of pricing your home properly as well as answers to the most common questions and beliefs most owners have about pricing their home.

These concepts are very important and need to be fresh in your head just prior to our consultation session so PLEASE make sure you watch it 30 days before you intend to put the for sale sign on your lawn.

Also, please fill in 2 separate times below that you would like to schedule a private consultation session with a couple of dates and times that work for you.

At our meeting, we’ll preview your home and give you all of recent sales in your area for you to review.

Then we’ll research current market trends and conditions, reviewing absorption rates in your area AND, preview our competition (what’s currently for sale in your area).

We need to know why someone would buy your home over every other one available for sale. Then and only then, we can discuss how to position your home in today’s market at the highest perceived value.

This is very time consuming and thorough but at the end of it all, you’ll know without any uncertainty if you should stay and wait for the conditions to improve or sell.

Now, unfortunately, this is Dave Knox’s proprietary video and we have paid to license it in order to provide you this valuable information. So, in an attempt to keep it safe and secure from piracy or copyright infringement, we need to confirm your subscription and then we’ll release the video for your enjoyment immediately…


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