Professional Tips for Staging Kitchens In Windsor Homes

Posted in General Blog | 14/08/2012

Windsor Homes

Windsor Homes

In yesterday’s post, we gave several ideas for owners of Windsor homes on how to prepare kitchens for showings. If hiring a professional home stager is not something a seller is able to do, then there are several tips one can follow that can make a difference when showing what to many buyers is the most important room in the home!  Here is what to do after you have followed the steps suggested from yesterday’s post.

1.  Replace your oversized, too large, kitchen table with a smaller table and two chairs.  Show the space!

2.  Use a rug under the table to show that it is a separate area however, still included in the kitchen.

3.  Make sure any bookcases are not overcrowded.  Place a few books and a plant to show what the space is for, but don’t use too much.

4.  Use plants wisely!  Many stagers for Windsor homes recommend using on a counter or table to bring comfort to the kitchen.

5.  Make sure kitchen is a neutral color.  Dark colors make a room look much smaller.  Also, buyers are turned off my bright colors, such as orange, purple, bright green!  A nice earth tone will not only make the room stand out, it gives the impression that the room is larger than it is.

6.  If you use knick knacks, arrange in groupings in odd numbers.

7.  Use a decorative book holder to display a cookbook on a counter.

8.  Use color carefully.  You can overwhelm a buyer’s senses when you have too much going on.  Let them focus on the good points.

9.  If the eating area is spacious, consider setting the smaller table for breakfast using decorative tableware.

Remember, when staging Windsor homes, stagers and real estate agents say “less is more.”



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