Property for Sale in Windsor: How to Separate your Property from the Rest

Posted in Selling Blog | 08/01/2012

Property for Sale Windsor

Property for Sale Windsor

With thousands of properties for sale in Windsor, and fewer buyers, it is imperative that your home rises above the competition.  The old saying is true:  “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  Research has shown that buyers make an impression within the first 15 seconds of viewing a home.

Fortunately, there are easy and cost effective ways to separate your home from the rest.  It just takes a little work and some elbow grease.

Establishing curb appeal is the first important step a seller can do for their property for sale in Windsor.  A fresh coat of paint on a fence, porch railings and front door gives the buyer the impression that your property is well cared for.  If your driveway is stained or worn looking, update it by using a sealer product.  Landscaping should be properly maintained with the lawn mowed and edged, shrubs trimmed, seasonal flowers planted, mailbox updated and all debris such as yard toys removed.

Moving inside your property for sale in Windsor, the buyer’s senses take over.  Clean smells, such as adding rubbing lemon oil or lemon wax to wood surfaces and fresh flowers speaks volumes.  Make sure your house not only smells clean, but also is white glove clean. Open all of the drapery and have windows sparkling and your home power washed to bring in as much sunlight as possible.  Have the carpets professionally cleaned and don’t hesitate to paint walls that look dingy.  It cannot be stated enough that buyers do not like dreary homes.

The least expensive thing you can do to help your property for sale in Windsor is to de clutter.  Simplify the space so buyers can see the potential.   Remove all excess “stuff” that is overtaking the closets, countertops and bookshelves.  Rent a storage unit and fill it with items you do not need on a weekly basis.  This will not only free up space, but also allow buyers to imagine their own items in the house.  In the kitchen, store small appliances in cupboards.  Update cabinets with new hardware.  It’s these simple steps that can make a huge difference.

Finally, finish all maintenance projects that you have been putting off.  Fix the leaky sink, oil the squeaky door and change the light bulbs.

Keep in mind that 94% of all home buyers look for homes first on the internet.  Make sure your photos are of high quality showing the best possible features of your home.  Following these simple steps will certainly make a huge impression on buyers and your property for sale in Windsor will soon have a “SOLD” sign.


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