Property for Sale in Windsor: Should You Fix Up Your Underwater Home?

Posted in General Blog | 05/02/2012

Property for Sale in Windsor

Property for Sale in Windsor

Should you fix up your property for sale in Windsor, particularly your underwater home if you plan on putting it on the market?  There is no one set answer to this often asked question.  Putting more money into a home that you owe more than what the home is worth is difficult.  But here are some facts to consider:

1.  How underwater is your property for sale in Windsor?  If you are within striking distance of reaching our bottom price, then it may be worth it to make home improvements.  But if you are in a market where prices have fallen so dramatically that any costs you put in will still leave you far in the negative, then that is worth considering.

2.  Is your property for sale in Windsor in a fix up market?  Older homes that have character, where buyers are stretching to buy a home and find that an outdated bathroom or kitchen puts them over the breaking point, may reconsider if you put in a few dollars and make some simple renovations.  Ask your real estate agent if your home is in such an area.

3.  Don’t go overboard.  Make simple changes and know where to draw the line in making home improvements.  Fixing the Brady Bunch kitchen my simply refacing the cabinets will make a huge difference.  Replacing damaged formica will benefit you far greatly than making huge, costly repairs.

4.  If you plan on staying in your house for many years, then by all means, make improvements that you desire.  However, if you just received a job transfer, and your house is underwater, make small, necessary improvements to get the most for your dollar.

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