Property for Sale in Windsor: What You Need to Know about Open Houses

Posted in General Blog | 26/01/2012

Property for Sale in Windsor

Property for Sale in Windsor

Open houses are still a valuable tool to bring attention to your property for sale in Windsor.  The more foot traffic that comes through your house, the bigger the chance someone will fall in love with it.  Yes, you will get the looky loos, and the curious neighbors, but it only takes one person, whether it is a buyer or someone who knows of a person wanting to buy in your neighborhood, to make a sale.  Here are some simple suggestions on how to create the perfect open house experience.

1. By all means, get rid of clutter!  Have your house clean and tidy.  Eliminate any excess furniture to create an open space.  If you are considering having your house staged, do it before you have your open house.

2.  Turn on lights and have window blinds open to create a bright and airy space.

3.  Avoid using over the top air fresheners or other powerful scents.  Reminder: some buyers have allergies, so it’s best to play it safe.  Use with care.

4.  Keep your home at a comfortable temperature.  Not too hot and not too cold.

5.  Make sure your house is priced right.  The goal is to have people come inside and look around.  Buyers won’t stop if the house is overpriced as there are too many good deals out there today in our housing market.

6.  Talk to your real estate agent to see when is the best time to get maximum traffic.  Don’t plan an open house during a school holiday or near a three-day weekend unless your real estate agent suggests otherwise.

7.  Make yourself scarce.  Let your real estate agent handle the open house, as this is where they do their magic.  Chances are you would be a distraction as buyers often feel uncomfortable and won’t check a house out if the seller is close by.  Who wants to look into a kitchen cabinet to check storage space if the seller is standing right there?

If you and your agent feel an open house is important selling strategy for your property for sale in Windsor, following these simple suggestions could help in creating a sale.

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