Property in Windsor: Little Things Count

Posted in General Blog | 09/02/2012

Property in Windsor

Property in Windsor

When selling your property in Windsor, it’s important to remember that it is the little things that count, especially when dealing with home repairs.  Frequently, it’s the small repairs that often get overlooked by the seller, buy buyers notice!  By spending a weekend and grabbing your tools, you can accomplish quick and easy household chores that will make a world of difference to buyers walking through your home.

First of all, repair all of the “noisy” problems.  Fix the squeaky door hinges and the creaky floorboards. By using simple products sold at local home improvement stores, these problems should be quickly resolved.  For buyers, “silence is golden.”

Now is also the time to replace light bulbs, fix a loose toilet paper holder, sagging towel rack or a cupboard drawer that is sticking.  Also, don’t forget loose handles or hinges on any furniture, cabinets and doors.  Again, these are simple repairs that will take no time at all.  However, if time is something you don’t have, then by all means, contact a local handyman with your list and have them fix it.

Also important, making those small paint repairs for your property in Windsor.  Maybe the baseboards are scuffed or a few doors have scratches on them, but because buyers don’t like to see anything that looks aged, it’s best to correct them before they even walk into your home.

Of course, buyers don’t like to see leaky faucets or slow drains, so take time to investigate to see if these are simple issues that can be repaired easily, or if you need to hire a plumber.  Most buyers turn on the sinks and flush toilets to check water pressure as well, so make sure these are working correctly.

Also, don’t neglect to check the batteries in your smoke detectors as well.  It’s far easier to replace batteries than waking up to the annoying chirp of a dying battery in the middle of the night.

By spending one weekend correcting these minor nuances for your property in Windsor, you are giving your buyers once less thing to think about.

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