Property in Windsor: Why Smaller Homes are Popular

Posted in Buyer Blog | 22/02/2012

Property in Windsor

Property in Windsor

Property in Windsor provides something for everyone.  For a variety of reasons the popularity of larger homes, or McMansions, is fading a bit.  Blame it on the housing crisis and the economic downfall of the last several years, but homebuyers are recognizing that smaller homes have many benefits.

First and foremost, smaller homes cost less.  When you factor in the heating costs, utilities and the price to upkeep larger homes, not to mention furnishing all of the rooms, buyers are thinking twice of putting a huge chuck of their money into these homes.  On the other hand, smaller homes have reduced expenses because of their size.  Utilities are less, upkeep is more reasonable and because of smaller square footage, you save on  property taxes. With smaller homes and less expenses, more money can be spent on higher upgrades, such as hardwood flooring in your smaller kitchen, or renovating a bathroom because it’s smaller and does not require as much material.

Buyers are also questioning not only the money, but also the time it requires to maintain a large home.  Cleaning and maintaining the yard take up large amounts of your weekend.  Once again, these costs decrease with smaller homes.  Many active families, due to sporting events and other commitments, just don’t have the free time or prefer to spend their weekends doing other things.

Smaller homes and property in Windsor also have the advantage to create a simpler lifestyle.  It forces you to rid yourself of too many belongings, as there is limited space.  This lifestyle allows you to buy what you need and really want because there is only so much storage.  Not only that, but for families, smaller homes encourage social interaction.  It’s way too easy to get lost in a bigger home and often times, families find themselves scattered and isolated.

One major factor of smaller homes is that they are often easier to sell.  With energy costs on the rise, baby boomers wanting to downsize and families looking for their first home, small homes will never be out of fashion.  In fact, larger homes often sit on the market longer.  Buyers for property in Windsor are looking to get more for their money not just in purchasing a home, but maintaining a less expensive and more fulfilling lifestyle.

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