Protecting Your Privacy When Selling Your Windsor Condo

Posted in General Blog | 19/07/2012

Windsor Condo

Windsor Condo

Whether you are selling your Windsor condo or any property, it is important that sellers protect their privacy at the highest level.  In this age of identify theft when strangers are walking through your home and looking through your cabinets and closets, it is important to take important steps to make sure you and your family are protected:

1.  Remove Diplomas, Photos From Walls:  Don’t let a buyer go home and google your name.  If a buyer is intent on finding out more about you, then don’t give them a name and certainly, not any information on where you went to school, where you work, or anything else.  Diplomas give away a seller’s age or a general idea.

2.  Don’t Leave Bills/Mail Out:  Oftentimes, sellers are rushed out of a Windsor condo or home and leave piles of mail on the counter.  Buyers can casually browse and find out how much you owe on your bills, if you are late on a mortgage payment or read any other personal mail.  They can use this if they determine that you are in desperate need to sale your home by making a lowball offer.  As real estate agents, we advise every seller to securely lock away anything that is personal so buyers can’t use it against them.

3. Closets:  If a seller is divorcing and needs to sell their Windsor condo quickly, they often stash private information or files in a closet.  This is never a good idea as closets are one of the first things a buyer will look at to determine storage space.  So make sure your closets are cleaned out, drawers are emptied.  If possible, pack anything up that is personal and stage your closet showing that it contains ample space for a new buyer.

Is a buyer invading your privacy by opening drawers? Closets? Cabinets? If a drawer is part of a built-in that will be staying with a house, then it’s perfectly acceptable for a buyer to examine the furniture.  Is it acceptable for a buyer to look into a safe that you have in your home office?  Of course not.  But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen on very rare occasions.  However, don’t give a buyer any reason to suspect that you are anxious to sell your home by leaving out documents that may show them this.  Otherwise, you may be offered a much lower price than expected.

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