Quick Ways To Clean Your Windsor Property For Sale

Posted in General Blog | 25/03/2013

Windsor House For Sale

Windsor House For Sale


The good news?  Your Windsor property for sale is generating lots of attention from buyers.  In fact, your home is the one to see right now and you anticipate an offer soon.  While this is all wonderful, it can take a toll trying to keep your house clean 24 hours a day, seven days a week while buyers make appointments to view your property.  This is especially true if you have young children and a very active household.

I always tell clients that the first few weeks are the busiest when your home is put on the market.  As long as your home is priced right and in good condition, then you will get activity.  The best advice I can give is to clean as you go in anticipation of a spur of the moment showing.  The last thing you want to do is turn down any appointments because you simply aren’t prepared.  You never know if you are canceling on a person that might very well have purchased your home.

Here are some great cleaning tips to do as needed as you prepare for buyers to visit your home.  As always, first impressions are vital.

1.  Kitchen:

Did you know that your kitchen has more germs than your bathroom?  What about your garbage disposal? Get rid of smells easily and quickly by simply by mixing white distilled vinegar and baking soda (ratio 1:1) down the drain and letting it sit overnight.  Flush the next morning with boiling water.  Freshen up with slices of lemon or other citrus fruits.

Buyers are never attracted to a dirty, greasy stove, particularly something as noticeable as a vent hood.  Simply remove the range hood filter if there is one and put in a sink of hot water.  Let it stand for up to 5 minutes then remove and use a cleaner, such as an orange cleaner which is known to cut grease.  Then while that sits, spray the range hood with cleaner but be careful to avoid the light and any crevices.  Let it soak for up to 15 minutes.   Scrub the hood with a non-abrasive pad and rinse with hot water.  The greasy residue should come off easily.  Don’t forget to rinse the range hood vent with hot water and replace the filter once cleaned.

Does your kitchen ceiling have oily or grimy buildup?  Especially near the stove this is common.  If this is the case, then simply run a flat mop tool, like a Swifter, with a soap cloth or micro fiber attachment and scrub the ceiling with dish soap and rinse.

Finally, there is not a kitchen around that doesn’t have crumbs in the nooks and crannies of the countertops, between appliances and elsewhere.  To quickly get rid of these morsels, especially in areas that are hard to reach, use an old-fashioned feather duster between the counter cracks or under appliances.  There are those that come with extra long handles that can slide under appliances as well.  This is particularly helpful with refrigerators.  What if you have crumbs or things have fallen in between appliances?  A good tool is to attach a cloth (micro fiber) to a yardstick with a rubber band.  Simply slide and scoot the debris out.  Simple and easy.

2.  Living Rooms:

Does your living or family room have a ceiling fan?  Many bedrooms have them as well and they are notorious for their dust.  A good and effective way to clean is to dampen a pillowcase and slide it over each blade.  Use your hands along the sides to remove pillowcase to wipe up the dust.

Dust is also a huge problem on light shades or ceiling fixture covers.  Be sure and remove to wipe out dust and bugs.  Of course, make sure the light is turned off first.

3.  Bathrooms:

images-5On average, buyers spend the least amount of time in a bathroom.  And it’s even quicker if the bathrooms aren’t clean.  Of course, the least favourite job of all? Cleaning the toilet.  Who wants to do that? But it’s a must when you are showing your home.  Make sure the whole toilet is scrubbed, and that includes where the commode and the bathroom floor meet.  Check the caulking at the base and if it is worn, then remove the remaining caulking with a utility knife then re-seal it.  Grab a feather duster and use behind the tank to remove any dust and use a sponge with a pleasant smelling cleaner to scrub around the base.  If a buyer walks into a clean bathroom, they are impressed.



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