Real Estate in Windsor: Are You Considering a Townhouse?

Posted in Buyer Blog | 17/02/2012

Real Estate in Windsor

Real Estate in Windsor

Regarding real estate in Windsor, many first time buyers, or those who want to simplify their lifestyle, purchasing a townhouse is an obvious choice.  Understanding what it entails and what a buyer needs to consider can help make the decision easier.

Quite simply, a townhouse is attached to your neighbors. You won’t have anyone living above you, or below and it usually includes a small backyard space or a small deck.  If you are used to living in your own home, you may find that privacy is an issue or that your neighbor may be very loud.  You also have very little say in changing the exterior of your home or at the very least your options will be limited. Certainly these are things to consider when considering real estate in Windsor.

Yet there are many advantages as well.  You no longer are responsible for the maintenance of a home.  Landscaping is provided by the homeowners association as well as major repairs outlined in your homeowners agreement.  It is not difficult to find townhouses that have a pool or workout facilities if this is important to you.  Maybe you prefer a tennis court or playground facilities?  Let your real estate agent know.

Keep in mind when looking at townhouses to pay attention to the neighbors.  Does everyone look like they get along?  Look over the entire complex.  Is it kept nicely and professionally? Avoid if you are not impressed.  Also, stay away from older townhouses that are dark and dreary inside. Small windows? Not enough light? You won’t be able to make them larger.  You need to remember resale for dated, older townhouses are often difficult.  Also, does your townhouse have a garage? Easy visitor parking?

Before making your final decision on your real estate in Windsor, ask to see the minutes of the last three homeowner association meetings.  See if there are any big expenses coming up in the near future.  Are the residents divided over maintenance issues or landscaping ideas?  Certainly review the monthly fees and make sure that your association is properly insured and in good standing.

So, still considering a townhouse?  Let us help you find the perfect one!

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